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True, but that is an F-up. Cohle met the same dude, mowing the lawn, outside the school in 1995 and he looked the same age.Anyway, its clear that guy is old enough.
Well, we haven't seen him in action. I suppose that is the way it goes with serial killers, if you see them in the light of day they seem pretty innocuous. I guess what is scary about this killer is that it is, in fact, a whole family of killers, and the lawnmower guy is just off the hook, like he has to hang his killings out in public every 20 years or so. [[SPOILER]]
Well, I can't imagine even this show would have the nads to become a wacky comedy about a bunch of wealthy and successful coke dealers. This past episode was particularly short on laughs. "Pull over, Cyril." "Don't you dare pull over cyril". "Make up your minds, gaaah", thats like Gilligans Island level funny.
Think the Knicks set up Ray Felton?
Another great episode. Its hard to think of any other TV show with the confidence to introduce the actual plot 4.5 hours into a 8 hour show. Totally earned confidence as well. Heavily reminiscent of the James Ellroy novel "The Black Dahlia," about two LAPD police who investigate a seemingly singular psycho murder, both are heavily comprimised but with a strong sense of justice, and, one, discovering the conspiracy of rich men behind the murder becomes an avenging...
Holy shit! That was awesome. One difference between this show and a lot of the "dark" cable serials, is they aren't asking you to avatar these guys at all. Part of the fun has always been living vicariously through Tony Soprano, Don Draper or Walter White. But these guys are straight out train wrecks; all of the fun is from just watching them crash. A bit like a James McElroy novel that way.
You are very lucky. Do yourself a favor and quit while you are ahead. The episodes beyond that point are so bad that they will taint what you have already seen
New Posts  All Forums: