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Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald model.
There are branches of Quanjude in HK. I thought the duck at the one in Wanchai was about the same as Spring Deer.
Five years later, did this story have a happy ending?
That sounds like a good idea. Perhaps if you create an area (maybe a sub-forum) where the dubious could sticky their threads. It seems like there are so many threads in MC, the DH's might be leery of creating threads that would get swept away in the flood. Maybe recruit a few DH's to cohost some threads too. Just an idea.
The moderation of this forum has been really successful in keeping together a community of people who hang out in the various auxiliary forums after they have said what they have to say about mens clothing. I thought the Conservative Business Dress thread was a great experiment that ultimately flamed out due to unrestrained off-topic posting. Why not give Manton or a few others their own "affiliate" threads.
Weird. I thought the good thing about Scola was that he didn't make very much money. Guess that means that the priority for Orlando is getting rid of as many dumb contracts as they can. Irony is that it is all the dumb contracts that Howard wants to get away from in the first place. Seems like a big principal-agent problem at Houston. GM is on the hot seat and about a year from getting fired. If he takes a chance on Howard and it pays off and he plays great and re-signs...
The best thing about the decor at The Prime Rib is that every time I go there the exact same 3 or 4 guys are sitting at the bar, looking like central casting big city East Coast Irish machine politicians.
Can't figure out why Celtics would even offer Allen $12 million to take Mickael Pietrus' minutes and feud with Rondo. Can easily figure out why Ray Allen would be happy to give up a few million to go to a team with an offense set up to feature someone with his skills.
Whats up with Mavericks? Don't get it.
Johnson is good for the Nets this year; having a seemingly star-studded team will help them kick off the new arena in Brooklyn. His contract will hurt in the future, but Prokhorov can have him murdered before that becomes an issue.
New Posts  All Forums: