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Different stuff. People own a couple of restaurants or manage them, sell some high-end transportation equipment or fix them. Pilots, obviously. A lot of ways to make a buck and there are many places foreigners might have a competitive advantage or special skills. And Singapore, its a higher order of magnitude.The examples your listing are basically definitive losers + ESL teachers. I think it would be hard to make a long-term career of that w/o moving into management, but...
Not at all true. Quite a few of the dads at the local international school are working class Britons and Australians who've made a go of it in Hong Kong. Make a good living, own nice houses, have nice families.
cant wait
Seems like there is a lot of graffiti everywhere compared with other cities.
Nice call. I didn't even think of that. Next episode, Hank lets slip that he's the only thing in the world that keeps the DEA pursuing Ermentraut and Heisenberg. Walt poisons Hank or at least seems to. Fade to Black, see you next summer.
Instead of killing 9 guys in prison, wouldn't it be easier to kill Hank. Poison him or something so nobody suspects foul play?
There is a place called David's Shirts in the 2nd floor of the lobby of the Mandarin Orient. I've had oxford cloth shirts made there for about HK1000 which I liked. Its easy to find and convenient if you are in central. May take at least a week.
Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald model.
There are branches of Quanjude in HK. I thought the duck at the one in Wanchai was about the same as Spring Deer.
Five years later, did this story have a happy ending?
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