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They're going to find Deron Williams in a barrel someplace.
The whole reason for SC&P to exist is they sold Chevy on Don & Ted's creative ability. Chevy will wake up and say WTF and put Don back in the driver's seat.
David Simon bloated out the last season of The Wire with a self-righteous, axe-grinding plot line about the newspaper business. If Matt Weiner wants to go out on a note of revenge against all the mediocrities and pencil-pushers and bean counters he feels he has had to overcome to do good creative work, I hope he could be a little bit more subtle.Even though Marigolds erotic journey wasn't as much fun as I hoped, I continue to think that if the show got back its balance of...
Don is edifying but depressing. Roger's Misty Mountain Hop is inevitably pathetic.
Don hangin in the break room, every show is something I've never seen on TV before. Still, I thought this show was best when it worked on both levels, you could enjoy the adventures of Draper and Sterling, and at the same time see emotional sides of people that dont get on screen much. Somehow, I think they're short-changing some of the fun adventures Rizzo and Ginsburg must be having (and don't get me started on Trudie Campbell's erotic journey, Im working on some...
I thought the last 5 or so episodes were great.
Another great episode. I liked how the part where Don was marking his whiskey bottles to remind himself how much he drank was a product placement. "We here at Canadian Club urge you to enjoy our product in moderation. But if you are going to be a white knuckle alcoholic anyway, we are good for that too."
Janet Reno must be rolling over in her coffin. She knew how to handle okies like this guy.
Admittedly, the cool part of Mad Men is that (since the first season) it has asked "If the characters have rich enough emotional lives, how minimal can you be with the plotting and still create a compelling TV show?" After the first hour, though, I worry they might be pushing this question beyond the breaking point. Many/most of the plotlines seem no more inherently interesting than my own actual life. ("Pete is living in an apartment mid-Wilshire, but is considering...
New Posts  All Forums: