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Jesus, I'm getting old.
This is basically right. [[SPOILER]]
The best teams of the 80's were completely stacked (the 86 Celtics started FOUR Hall of Famers and their NBA Best Sixth Man Bill Walton was another). The lesson is that the NBA is at its best when there are a handful of superteams and a handful of up and comers. The best 20 or so players in the league are playing at a different level than the rest and if those 20 guys are scattered evenly through the league, its just boring. "The Decision" was the best thing that could...
Honestly, what are they supposed to say? "90% of our viewers are idiots who can't really think about basketball at the level of complexity with which it is played and prefer smug morality tales that cast themselves as a hanging judge? And, yeah, the only reason were here is we know how to give them what they want?"
Getting a working visa in China is also not easy and there is currently a big crackdown on foreigners working w/o one.
Seems like if Rajon Rondo plays as well as 1992 MJ then Celtics can hang in, but I think he will not.
Many students have scholarships that disappear if your GPA goes below a certain point. Same deal.
After the smoke clears, it seems more like Mr. Bryant calling out Sr. Gasol for not paying enough attention to the games.I think you mean "guy of color".
That was my question. From ESPN.com"Afterward, Bryant lashed out at the Lakers' front office over the issue of whether teammate Pau Gasol will be traded. Bryant used a couple of profanities and said it's not fair to Gasol to try to play while wondering where he will be the following day.Bryant said he doesn't want Gasol to be traded but "if they're going to do something I wish they would just ... do it. If they're not going to do it, come out and say you're not going to do "
Who are the Lakers allegedly trading Pau Gasol for?
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