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After the smoke clears, it seems more like Mr. Bryant calling out Sr. Gasol for not paying enough attention to the games.I think you mean "guy of color".
That was my question. From ESPN.com"Afterward, Bryant lashed out at the Lakers' front office over the issue of whether teammate Pau Gasol will be traded. Bryant used a couple of profanities and said it's not fair to Gasol to try to play while wondering where he will be the following day.Bryant said he doesn't want Gasol to be traded but "if they're going to do something I wish they would just ... do it. If they're not going to do it, come out and say you're not going to do "
Who are the Lakers allegedly trading Pau Gasol for?
University staff work can often make for a great job, but a lousy career. Great working conditions, low pressure, decent starting pay, good benefits, way above average stability. But advancement is often poor to non-existent and private sector employers won't necessarily have a lot of respect for your work experience. My two cents.
Why would you want to do this. BEA.gov (Table 1.1.6) has quarterly GDP in 2005$ running all the way back to 1947. Your tax dollars at work.
I dont think I would fully agree with almost any of this. Anyway, I guess the OP has moved on with his life, but anyone interested in a PhD in economics should go to and read the featured articles near the bottom, especially the one by John Cawley.
Congratulations. Seems like you are doing well . My guess is copublication isn't really that big a deal in fields in which students aren't dependent on their advisors to raise funds for their research. Copublication is not really the norm.Your research topic sounds very interesting. In the MBA world there may be a bit of stigma related to a high education to work ratio, but in the PhD world there is no stigma. If you can use your previous background to build a research...
I thought you were a lawyer somehow. Its hard to assess the ins and outs of different disciplines and offer useful suggestions w/o actually being in that field. Generally, I think there is a shortage in academia of people w/ business Ph.D's, so I guess that top 10 is good enough to get a good academic placement (I also think that in my field, US N & WR, is the best first ranking that I advise young people to look at, not sure about ISMT, but I guess its not terrible). As...
The first thing to keep in mind is that how you dress will have zero career ramifications. Choose what you wear only for the usual aesthetic and social reasons. Aesthetically and socially, suits are for business. If the conference is held in some corporate locale or in some government offices, or there is some heavy industry presence of some sort, then suits are good. If the conference is organized around job interviews, and you are buying or selling, suits are fine....
From the HK Standard, in case you were wondering what was really going on. "A well-known mainlander, possibly a government official, was reportedly shopping in the store last month when he noticed people outside taking photographs. A complaint was made to D&G because the customer feared netizens would link the shopping spree to corruption. Then D&G instigated the ban. D&G's statement strongly denied making any racist or derogatory comments. "Controversial statements...
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