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Don't kid yourself. Fat fricks will be my best customers. Thin privilege gets all the attention, but actually fat on fat crime is more pervasive.
How about an ElbowDefender. You snap it on the armrest and then the fat frick next to you can't put his grimy limbs next to you.
My guess is the dude has cash flow problems someplace else in his empire and he doesn't want his creditors to start wondering why he's looking to raise money all of a sudden.
Seems reminiscent of the Red Riding books. Obviously there were people in this story motivated by perverse or even insane political correctness, but most of it is probably just a combination of incompetence, laziness and corruption of the local police.
Iraqi airstrikes on Mosul today. Would be surprised to find out they weren't vectored in by AWACS, satellites, and drones. Dont you think so?
Sorry, is that an argument against Assad dropping chemical weapons on them or an argument against, I am not sure.
Kurds have no interest in colonizing Sunni heartland. They snapped up the oil fields at Kirkuk in about 30 seconds, and thanks Kurds!, but why would they do anything else. Why would we want them to?
Its hard to keep track, but does this mean we are rollin' with Bashar Al-Assad, now? If so, maybe we could just have him drop some poison gas on these scumbags. Seemed to work the last time.
Heat can beat the Spurs iff all of the Big 3 have a great game. Can that happen four times in seven games? Yes it can. Heat in 7.
You are on to something here. I think the term you are looking for is "evil". This is someone who from an early age was not simply selfishly concerned only with his own happiness, but also was enraged by other people's happiness. "Evil" is a good short-hand for that condition.However, I think its a mistake to think about it as an either/or question, as in either he is evil or he is mentally ill. After all, it could be both. Apparently, schizophrenics aren't much more...
New Posts  All Forums: