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This doesn't seem so terrible to me. Given the quality of teams in the East, they can probably coast on D, especially on the road, and cruise to the best record just by beating all of the bad teams who can't score on anybody. In Feb. and Mar., get the defense together, and crush teams in the playoffs. Pacing is everything.
Heat have decided not to play defense until after the All-Star break.
This is kind of the point though. It might have been, as you say, smarter for Harden to have taken $55M and a good shot at a ring, over come what may. But what happens three months from now, when Donald Sterling decides he doesn't want to pay Chris Paul and the Clippers are looking to do a sign and trade for an affordable contract? Even if that scenario doesn't play out, if Harden signed the contract offered he would have been the Thunder's trade bait for the next 4 years....
The sad part is that they can pretty much just cancel the Eastern Conference this year. You just know that some day in late May or early June, we're going to see a conference finals closeout exactly like what we just saw, and that we'll be that.
Guess CIA will debrief him, de-brainwash him (to Estes satisfaction, not Carrie's) and double him back on Abu Nazir. Writers are better than me though.
Japanese 7up Strong Dry
Seems like you want to spend some more time at school and you've got money to pay for it, so that is probably what you should do. I would suggest that you consider other liberal programs besides 'publishing' which whether it is useful or not, will probably not push you intellectually. There's a very good chance that degrees in publishing won't really be any better ticket to the jobs you want than an M.A. in a more academic field.
What is it exactly you want to actually do? What do you want your work day to be like? You say you want to work in academic publishing. Does that mean you want to be a janitor in their office building, be their book-keeper, rep textbooks door to door at nearby colleges?
Def. too old.
My last semester of UG I took a course in Accounting. Found it fascinating the way everything fit together. By then too late to become an accounting major. Love my job, but I always thought I would have done well in accounting
New Posts  All Forums: