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Acting was incredible in season 1 and even better in first half of season 2. Then, terrible. Actors can't be blamed. No one could sell that. For instance, the scene where Brody is begging Abu for Carrie's life. That was idiotic. The entire fulcrum of this show is the ambiguity of Damian Lewis performance. When the mask drops and you can see him on screen trying to figure out who he is supposed to be playing, its over.In that circumstance, having Brody killed immediately...
I thought this show was excellent, right up until the point that Brody went home after being turned by the CIA. After that, there were a few exciting scenes but they basically sold out all of the characters to get to those scenes. To the point, where I lost interest. There were things that bothered other people that didn't bother me at all. For instance, Brody was texting to Abu Nazir from the control room where they were watching a kill team get the terrorist in their...
Earl Morrall won w/Colts and backed up Griese for Dolphins. Started more games than Griese in undefeated season.
You called it.He should hide out in Northern Scotland. Watching him do a fake, fake British accent would be cool.
200 million dollar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is still Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Lot of ridiculous behavior this season. A lot could be explained if it turned out that members of the deep state (Estes-F.Murray-rich dude who hosted Brody and others unnamed) were actually running Nazeer, helping him (for some reason) to kill the Vice-President.
Mandy Patinkin always quits TV shows after two years. Wouldn't be surprised to see him leave this one.
Jabbar was pretty much the best player in the 1970's before NBA became as big as it is now. Gotta be considered the best college player ever, NCAA banned dunking to give other teams a chance. Incredible longevity. Weird personality, standoffish and quiet, but probably pursued show-business to greater effect than any other top baller except for arguably Jordan (MJ's TV commercials probably had more cultural impact than Jabbar's movie appearances).
Not a Lakers fan, but even less of a fan of Hack-a-Dwight type basketball. How about, in addition to a team bonus, there could be a personal bonus. If any player personally draws beyond x personal fouls, that player would get to take best 2 of 3 free throw shots. (i.e. if they hit the first two free throws, they turn the ball over, but if they miss either of the first two, they get a third shot).
I hope that Pat Haden is calling Lane Kiffin on his headphones and firing him this very second, before the game ends. And take your Daddy with you Lane.
New Posts  All Forums: