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I think I basically agree with this except for quibbling. I don't think I meant to focus on the devolution into evil, but more on the development of the two poles (Saudi and Iran) which seems to be new. Of course, both have been around for a long time as major players, but the ME had been a region where there were many different camps all balanced against each other. I agree that our strategic goal is stability, but I think our actual strategy has worked out to be...
I am no expert, but it seems the Middle East has devolved into two warring camps of retrograde evil organized around Saudi Arabia and Iran, respectively. We tell ourselves a story in which if we only balanced these camps against each other exactly right, we could create a pH neutral world where democracy and development could take off. In one year we find the mix too acidic and we tip the scales in one direction, then we find it too alkaline and we reverse course. We just...
They had enough evidence to convict that guy for the murder, if you found the star witness credible. The jury obviously found the witness credible and it would be hard to argue that no reasonable person could have found him credible. So, that pretty much is that. From what we know about human nature, its hard to believe that someone could go from zero history of violent behavior to premeditatedly strangling his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot. If people were like that,...
Walker reminds me of Tommy Thompson. Not quite smart enough to be President and not smooth enough to fake it.
Oh, I dont know. As predicted, Romney 2016 proceeds apaceRomney 2016 is for Real
OK. This part I get. The enemies of our worst enemies are our 2nd, 3rd and 4th worst enemies. Our air force is going to be fighting ISIS at the same time ISIS is fighting Al-Quaeda, the Revolutionary Guards and Assad. What I am wondering is, if there, in the history of warfare, ever been a major 3-way battle. One in which all three sides are fighting each other simultaneously. Note: I know there have been many occasions with multiple armies in which one army has...
Apparently, Tyson didn't know two things. The one thing you can't do on Canadian television is endorse a Conservative politician. The other thing is that there is no death penalty in Canada.
Is this so terrible for Ray Rice? He walks away from the Ravens for a season, but he keeps his signing bonus on his old contract and in a year he will get a chance for a new one. The NFL running backs don't get old, they wear out. If he rests for a year, thats just going to extend his viable playing life by a year.
Don't kid yourself. Fat fricks will be my best customers. Thin privilege gets all the attention, but actually fat on fat crime is more pervasive.
How about an ElbowDefender. You snap it on the armrest and then the fat frick next to you can't put his grimy limbs next to you.
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