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They have spent this season writing themselves out of a long list of corners that GRR Martin spent 20 years writing them into. Some of the getting out of those dud plots may be a bit abrupt or unlikely and it looks like they have been saving a bit of money with small scale scenes. On the other hand, they have done what they needed to do and been fairly entertaining doing it. It looks like it will all pay off in the next few episodes.
I wonder if Kurds advance on Raqqa isn't a little like Eisenhower's advance on Berlin. Maybe they (and we) would be better off letting the Russians & their buddies do the hard part.
Gotta say these Faceless Men are pretty over-hyped. By rep, they are the world's greatest assassins, capable of killing the best protected of monarchs. In practice, they are a couple of dipshits who can't manage to kill a low-rent actress or a teenage girl.
Gotta say this all seems very pro forma at this point, basically just Outrage Theater. Still, seems like everyone is having a good time.
Denmark offers child benefits
This Nero guy in Baltimore was so obviously innocent that I wonder if the prosecutor put him on trial in order to secure a not guilty verdict. I suppose he has to testify against the others now since he can't fear self-incrimination (though maybe he could argue federal civil rights charges).
I am not quite sure I understand the scale of these White zombie guys. On the one hand it seems the show is hinting that they are an existential threat to humanity that will only be beaten by a combined army of the Nights Watch, the Unsullied, the Dothraki Horde, the Iron Born, and whatever Westerosi knights remain all aided by several giant fire-breathing dragons. On the other hand, last night their army was pretty much thwarted by 4 Keebler elves, a dog, and Lenny from...
Here's a strange story. Remember the crazed guy from Baltimore who went to NY a couple of years ago and assassinated two police on the street, Apparently, on the way, he asked for street directions from a Fed Ex driver. Since then, the local cops have been on a campaign of harassment against the driver (now USPS) ending with a couple of them beating him up on the street. http://nypost.com/2016/04/20/nypd-detectives-charged-with-assaulting-mailman/
Wouldn't Prince be the recording artist most likely to fake his own death? Just saying.
I think the sentence you get typically depends on the circumstances of the crime.
New Posts  All Forums: