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You are likely to have more dropped passes when you throw quick passes to the slot or into the middle which is what the Patriots do. Deflating the ball allowed them to play an extremely risky passing game with only average number of dropped balls. Or that would be the story. Not sure if you could really get away with an underweight ball for 5 years.I wonder how they will handle the balls during the Superbowl. Will the Patriots footballs be under guard by US marshals?
Disappointing. Special teams players missed key assignments on critical plays. Why does GB always have such crappy special teams?
They had enough evidence to convict that guy for the murder, if you found the star witness credible. The jury obviously found the witness credible and it would be hard to argue that no reasonable person could have found him credible. So, that pretty much is that. From what we know about human nature, its hard to believe that someone could go from zero history of violent behavior to premeditatedly strangling his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot. If people were like that,...
Heat can beat the Spurs iff all of the Big 3 have a great game. Can that happen four times in seven games? Yes it can. Heat in 7.
That's just his negotiating open with the City of Seattle on his deal on a new arena.How many hours does Bird give Vogel before firing him. Loaded team has a major meltdown; gets a new bench of solid contributors elsewhere and they turn to crap. Crappy old bench go elsewhere and become solid contributors. Something's wrong there.
Seattle Clippers has a certain ring to it.
I really liked the final scene,both as a visualization of Draper's appreciation of Bert Cooper's enigmatic and whimsical style, belatedly just taking a second to simply like the guy; and a great tribute to the career of Robert Morse. I also liked the way Weiner fucked with us, making us think for a second that Bert had faked the whole thing to engineer a reconciliation.
Wasn't there also a couple of episodes where Joan worked as a fill-in for Harry in the TV department and was extremely competent, but then Harry came back and dumped her w/o even thinking about it?
I think if you read through this thread, there are a lot of posts along the lines of "Why doesn't Don just bang the chick from Scream and take the job with the dude from JAG?" It seemed worthwhile to highlight the line that is supposed to explain everything about what has been motivating Don this season. And, yes, it has been obvious for a long time that Don has a lot of self-hatred and insecurities, but, no, I don't think I would have been able to capture that as the sort...
One of the best parts of this show is when they dramatize the creative process. Peggy starts out proving that she has mastered the art of being Lou Avery, but when she is confronted with the possibility that being "adequate" may not be good enough in 1970 for a chick, she decides needs to figure out how to be Don Draper. Don teaches her the secret is to figure out how the product could fill the hole in your own fucked up life. Don reveals his deep fear that he has done...
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