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I had assumed the Tulsa DA had over-charged the cop that shot the duster there. But looking at the definition of 1st degree manslaughter it seems about right. Probably the only defense is to say it was reasonable to shoot given the behavior. I guess to me, "I thought he was reaching into his car and there might have been a gun in there," does not seem reasonable. All the stuff about being deaf seems irrelevant. I guess if I were her, I would probably go for a jury trial....
I would go with the indefinite pronoun "one." As in "One is not amused." or "One did not turn in one's homework, did one?"
Welcome to 2016. Used to be the Democrats would settle for promising to give poor people money. Now, they are promising fat girls will become beauty queens. If Hillary will promise middle aged men a slot on an MLB team, I will even vote for her.
Amongst the elderly? I have this persistent fear that when you get old you will only be amused by pap, no matter how smart you are, To be funny, you need an element of surprise but old people hate surprises which is how you end up chuckling at Borowitz or Mark Russell or Beetle Bailey and Hagar the Horrible until the sweet release of death.
Legendarily, Nixon refused to wear make-up. It doesn't look like Hillary made that mistake.
I didn't watch. Assume that post-debate spin will be that Trump lost. But tomorrow when the pre-debate polls continue to show Trump closing or passing Clinton (because they were taken during the Charlotte race riot), spin will wonder why people liked Trump so much.
Good point. It's not obvious why taxes on the payoff to investing in financial capital should be lower than taxes on the payoff to investing in human capital.
Huma to Hilary "Who is the 'Duke of New York' and why is he sending us email?"
Its relevant for exactly the reason I said it was: it could explain Scott's behavior.
Another thing that could be relevant to the way he was behaving was his multiple convictions for assault with a deadly weapon.
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