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Exactly right. Thats what makes it so perfect. "Gentrified" neighborhoods are by definition vulnerable to nearby high crime neigborhoods AND are heavily policed by thugs who are looking to come down hard on outsiders. And also populated by liberal hypocrites who pay thugs 6 figure salaries to rough up brown skinned outsiders on any excuse. Going after places like Evanston, hammer and tong, is a win-win for a GOP administration.For the same reason, the MSM will completely...
Evanston, IL. Perfect. If I was Jeff Sessions, I would hop on a plane to Chicago and give a press conference tomorrow about how committed the DoJ to enforcing civil rights laws in circumstances like these. (i.e. gentrified suburbs in blue states that vote close to 100% Democrat ). Flood the zone with FBI agents and DoJ lawyers. These people have enough money to pay FIVE thugs to trail some poor dude on the slight possibility that he might have stolen a car. How about...
It probably costs about 2-3 times as much to execute someone as keep them in jail for life. But total cost of having the death penalty probably comes to less than $2 per taxpayer per year even in enthusiastic states. I doubt anyone's feelings about the death penalty are really much impacted by cost-benefit calculations.
Told yahttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4085516/Twenty-two-Guantanamo-detainees-freed-days-Obama-plans-mass-transfer-fanatics-threatened-bomb-behead-Americans.html#comments
How about we just have fewer people?
Note, however, NYC murder rate has stabilized at very low levels despite the court order finding stop and frisk policies unconstitutional and the sharp decline in the number of stops. I think NY shows its possible to have successful law enforcement without violating people's basic rights. I think the Ferguson effect is real, but its also interacting with bad and incompetent policing. Fixing policing and protecting people's rights should still be the main priority.
I thought Russia just got over-stretched fighting wars in both Syria and Ukraine, so they had to ease off the latter. But that might be six of one, either way they aren't looking for new wars to fight.Late edit: Now that I think about it, there is a difference. If Russia eased off Ukraine because they were overstretched by Syria, then they will probably become more aggressive next year if the Syrian intervention wraps up.
I think a much better book to read about the cultural forces behind Trump 2016 is Sam Quinones "Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic," https://www.amazon.com/Dreamland-True-Americas-Opiate-Epidemic/dp/1620402521/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481715356&sr=8-1&keywords=dreamland This book describes the external factors that have been driving the insane increase in heroin use that has spread across America over the last 20 years. These factors are basically 1....
.The book is a memoir of a junior Silicon Valley VC's upbringing as the grandson of refugees from Appalachian poverty. His grandparents moved to Ohio as a youth from the deepest hollers of rural Kentucky. Despite having almost no education, the grandfather was able to move into a job as a skilled machinist in a Ohio manufacturing boomtown in the 1960s. At some point in his late 30's, the grandfather was derailed by a period of alcholism that damaged his three children,...
I think the West Coast Straussians are very pro-Trump.
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