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yeah, I saw that one too. it's very interesting but maybe a little gimmicky know what I'm sayin.That's nice but @gettoasty i'm a bic boi. 52+ :/
totokaelo sale got some good stuff but you know poor. i want the DVN waxed jacket.
why didn't you pm me. you knew I was looking for a black blazer. I feel so betrayed.
if anyone copped the yang li blazer on ssense and it did not work out...HOLLER AT YOUR BOY.
:''''( yang li blazer gone please hit me up if it don't work out.
next sale season, I will buy first, put on B&S later. missed out on a few things I should have just pulled the trigger on.
damn, I thought you was playing J. Crew is expensive!
Should I buy the black Yang Li blazer on ssense or is a black blazer dime a dozen and I shouldn't spend that much.
Brand new with box. White/Black. US11/UK10.5. $400 shipped in the US or best offer. Message me if you're interested! Thanks.
Lol that gif
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