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I know wish it was a big big boy size
Those derbies are so nice!
Cool shit BRAH
got my money back on paypal! fuck scammers! don't buy stuff with bad photos! yaaahhh.
No, don't tell @synthese about it. LOL.
Right it's mostly being at the right place at the right time.
I'm Vietnamese too and I thought that was funny but this guy cannot be serious. He is trying to make it seem like I'm scamming him? Woow. I am praying PayPal is smarter than that.
ahhh! probably just got scammed on eBay. purchased a pair of Balenciaga Arenas off eBay to find out photos he sent were taken from somewhere else. asked for refund due to overall sketchiness of situation and now loss of communication. ad still up. watch out for ebay user tir-enudh and verdu.garet and email nguyenchina2004@gmail.com pay attention to what you're buying. smh.
New Posts  All Forums: