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Probably also want to classify vegetables as carbs in your little listing
^ why edited his previous post which I wanted to quote.....but stop shitting up our thread. If you can't understand why we workout then there's no reason you should even be posting in a thread about it.
TL;DR Avoid the middle of the grocery store and lift shit.
Peter King wrote up a pretty good article discussing it Need a yahoo id though
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I have not yet gotten my Facebook friend request from the tote, so I assume you have not seen this. Someone from the sho should get on it, as a Farinelli Tote Facebook page would take the tote to the next level of awesomitude. You should create the fan page
^I'm assuming you mean grass fed not grain?
The tote at my homework
Mauro hasn't been in for either of my trips in, but Nathan is awesome. More to come when I move in two weeks :-D Stop being a morning person Mauro!
He went out to the club area in Buffalo, which isn't really that great. Not my scene. Either way, bars are open till 4 in the morning
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