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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini It will be big. You guys will like the news. Guess I know where I'm going to be tomorrow.
I have a Samsung NC10 netbook and I love it. Can get 7hours of battery life if I turn stuff down. Make sure you figure out the keyboard size of the netbook that you're looking at because some of the EEEs are a pain in the ass to type on.
I barely use it, but farinellis updates through it can be great
I need help! It's hard to figure out
I want haircut like beckham. How I get?
Holy hell the neighbors wife.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Give him a break. He might be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. They seem challenged, sartorially. Don't make fun of me
In the words of JetBlast, we should require 1 post to be able to post.
^Which is why I went back and edited. I'd honestly rather differentiate between endurance and strength size I'm not a BB person. Still looking at stuff for high rep = more mass before I comment on it like I initially did Edit: Could have sworn that said something different while I was typing, oh well. I don't know much about high rep = size so I didn't think I should rule it out.
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