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We need to play the entire game like we did the last 10 minutes. I think my roommates got scared cause I was yelling so much. I think I heard a "he has tourettes" comment from one of them. If the angle of the back camera was better they would have rule it a goal....not to mention a better frame rate
Last night's episode was great....kind of messed with the mind when I think about it though. I can't wait for the finale!
That thread had me cracking up during class today. I love all the people who had the mentality that if you didn't have the $80 abercrombie pre-ripped jeans you were a loser.
The Buffalo power play has been bad all season, it was hoped that when Connelly came back things would be better.....but they haven't. It seemed like it would be for the last two games of the regular season and for the early part of the Islander series, but he isn't panning out like we all hoped he would. That could be expected with an 11 month recovery though. Expect tonight's game to be good. Both teams want this and the Rangers definitely don't want to go back to...
Quote: "everyone has a pre-style forum wardrobe, and then two stages of a styleforum wardrobe--each one subsequently better than the last" Haha, I haven't seen that anywhere yet, but I definitely believe it's true. Most of the reason why I haven't posted much in here yet....too many boot cut jeans and shirts that look like crap. If you find a good place for fitted shirts please share. Most shirts fit me well in the shoulders but are way too...
Ya, just finished watching that. The Rangers played real well and deserved the W. Just wish it didn't go so long, too much suspense and my project partner is gonna kill me
Quote: I walk more then 2 miles every day but still I am gaining wait Well my breakfast is a good old cuppa and a slice of bread and all day long I don't eat any thing I drink plenty of water and then a cup of tea in late afternoon and I try to eat a sensible dinner. Walking two miles total in a day isn't that much. Try to do more cardio or make the walking you do get your heart rate up which increases metabolism leading to more calories burnt. ...
Pandora is a great service. www.Last.fm is another popular one along with www.launch.com and then you can find any number of stations from www.shoutcast.com . A lot of local radio stations will also broadcast over the net. This originally started because NPR is going to pay dearly from this decision.
Quote: The big problem, as someone else mentioned, is that eating only one is really bad. When you eat seldomly, your body isn't sure when your going to eat next and responds by storing energy (putting on fat). Eat a lot of small meals spaced over the day. This has a number of benefits. First, it keeps you body's starvation response from triggering. Second, it helps keep you from binging because you just don't get so hungry.......... In short, eat more often...
I don't recall the move that you're talking about, but Zubrus was dominant in the Rangers end for a lot of the night. Definitely a good trade acquisition for us. Lungvist is doing a great job in the nets, can't fault him for any of the goals. Actually watched the Cannucks/Ducks game last night and Luongo is the only reason Vancouver is even in this series. Anaheim controlled the game for the most part but he's unreal.
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