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Quote: boils down to "Go to a good running store, where they'll make recommendations based on your foot, gait, and regimen." +1 Each person's foot and stride is different so asking others about what you should run in isn't a good idea. I ran competitively cross country/track and the shoes that worked best for me were based off the recommendations of a running store.
If it's a uniformly tabbed or comma delimited database you can just import it into excel. If it's comma delimited just save it as a .csv file then open it up in excel and do what you have to. Otherwise when you import the file it will ask about any spacing.....I would go through it right now, but I use open office instead of MS so the procedure isn't the same. I actually had to do this for my roommate last week.
Just did mine an hour ago for the first time in about a year. It feels great and I'll be happy to not have a full head of hair when I move down to Austin in a month or so. If you're still on the fence, go for it :P
I remember reading somewhere that it's best to do cardio after doing weights for some reason, but then again I do it directly before and have for x amount of years. Do whichever you prefer, honestly, because it's whatever is going to get you to workout and enjoy it.
I just helped my brother pick out him prom tux. He shouldn't look too bad, but the people at the place we went for his tux were idiots. Supposedly you have to size up two jacket sizes? I looked at them and laughed after they had him try it on. There was about a 1/2" overhang on each shoulder. Proms are commercialized now so you're basically going to a mall store to get a tux/dress instead of actually caring, quite sad actually.
Quote: There's already plenty of animosity leftover from the battle royal in February The sad part is that Marty and probably Peters won't be involved in this series. Their fights with Emery were great fun to watch. Ottawa scares me, they have the ability to score. Anticipating a high scoring, exciting series.
Nice high scoring end to the series. At least there weren't any controversial goals this time around. Hopefully NYS is unified behind one team now
Trying to figure out my first pair of raw denim. Tried on some Levis 501 preshrinks for ease of comparison. A 30x32 fit perfectly in the waist, but the thighs looked painted, gave a wedgie and the inseam was about 1/4-1/2" too short. So basically I think I'm looking for something looser in the thigh and has a bigger back rise. What brands commonly fit that bill? Was thinking 5ep might be appropriate, but would like a couple pairs to choose from.
Buffalo played a good game finally. It was nice to see actually, but holy crap Lundqvist! I had thought he was overrated going into the series, but last night proved without a doubt that he is outstanding in the net. I was about to cry until Drury scored that goal and Max in OT was just icing on the cake Looking for the Rangers to fight hard in the Garden.
I have one of the Norelco bodygroom, www.shaveeverywhere.com/ , that I use to trim my body hair. I've had it work well on chest/pit/pubic hair though I still use a razor for a below the belt shave. At ~$30 it was worth the investment.
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