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They don't even look good. I'd rather they were more proportionate to her.
You can get the english trailer at www.starcraft2.com It looks cartoony, but you also have to take into account what the possible graphics were back then and what they can be today. if the animations are good Anyways starcraft was great for its story and gameplay. I played it for waaay to long myself
Quote: If you saw Corrales - Castillo (I) Buddy and I turned it on in the middle of one of the early rounds. I'm not a huge boxing fan, but that fight was astounding to say the very least.
I can't wait to see it. I watched the trailer today and . Can't wait to see it at the Alamo in Austin....it can't be soon enough. I also have the cartoon movie from the late 80s, early 90s sitting on my external.
Or you could go to a survey site and create a survey with those seven questions. Then open a thread with a link to the survey and people can discuss things after the fact, make results viewable to all others too.
I don't get the point of this thread......why post what you're wearing tomorrow when you can just post tomorrow in the what you're wearing today thread. Just hit the last button and read back a page or two.
Quote: Either come all the way out of the closet or shut the door. But that would defeat his fun of throwing comments out like that then trying to convince us he's hooked up with more chicks than 99.999999% of men.
Quote: I'll add to this list getting a haircut by an attractive FEMALE hairdresser. Nice way to relax. +1, also helps when there's many attractive female stylists there Also, her washing your hair beforehand
It's not the PC gamers that are fanatics, but those whose first real experience with a good fps was on the xbox and from there it's history. I played halo a couple of times, couldn't get into it -- I had also been playing CS for a few years at this point. Gears of war is a fun game though.
I often wear these shirts: http://www.soffe.com/webapp/wcs/stor...egory_rn=14270 Very comfortable and seem to breath well even tho they're 50% poly. Also have beat them to hell between normal gym use and OCS and they look better now
New Posts  All Forums: