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It's not the PC gamers that are fanatics, but those whose first real experience with a good fps was on the xbox and from there it's history. I played halo a couple of times, couldn't get into it -- I had also been playing CS for a few years at this point. Gears of war is a fun game though.
I often wear these shirts: Very comfortable and seem to breath well even tho they're 50% poly. Also have beat them to hell between normal gym use and OCS and they look better now
Quote: If Ottawa manages to sweep the Sabres, I'll admit that I'd be pretty impressed. I'm not since we haven't really been playing. We look like we're in peewee
Me....after I decided it was a good idea to hurl myself out of a perfectly good airplane
I don't even want to read the can anyone think that looks good?
Quote: If Ottawa did win the cup, the party would be over by midnight, because everybody "needs" to get up to go back to their government jobs at 8 AM. *yawn* If Buffalo manages to recover, which I hope they do when the game starts in a couple minutes, there'll be rioting for days. First major sporting championship after who knows how many super bowls/stanley cup appearances. I know that I'm going to be partying every night if we get to the cup.
most insane obstacle course: Ninja warrior from japan
I still use some old adidas soccer shorts that end right above the knee. Nice length since they don't hamper knee movement during squats and deadlifts or while running.
Quote: Yup. If the Sabres can't start converting on the power play, then this series is over. Saturday's game helped to prove this point even farther. We just completely lose it when we get a man up, it's like they're scared to take advantage of them missing players. Series is over if we don't win tonight.
Entourage Heroes Black Donnellys - Can still watch it online! House Lost The Office
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