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http://www.theyedoctor.com/products/...__product.aspx Got them in the black matte with mirrored lenses...got them back in high school so they're like 4 years old. Need to get a new pair for casual wear
Quote: Try working at the information desk I did, but then again I'm on a college campus so the amount of idiots isn't that much.....wait yes it is.
Quote: Better than working at- A) the library Hey! I work at the library! Well worked, yesterday was my last day. It's about the only place on campus you'll have a shot of seeing decent looking females because they're all too busy studying. It's pretty easy to flirt with them too due to the nature of the job.
It seems like you're at the point where you caloric intake is equal to the the amount you're burning. Either increase the amount of activity you do or decrease the amount of calories.
Take pictures and post them. That'll help us more than anything else.
Broke my ankle jumping off my roof. Was only about 8' and onto grass....I suck at landing
Quote: Originally Posted by Rover But on topic, you guys liked that outfit? if so, do enlighten me. You're not going to like every fit that you see on here. There are certain members who regularly dress in what I think looks good and with the sense of style I can relate to. There are those whose looks I don't, but to each their own. Take each post for what it is, someone sharing a part of their individual style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Englandmj7 Lucky man. My university is widely considered one of the Top 5 in the U.S. for hot girls with a ratio in the freshman class of last year of 65% female to 35% male. Unfortunately I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum and go to a school that is probably in the lowest 5 with an overall population 75% male and 25% female
Here's a link to gameplay footage http://www.jonlee.ca/starcraft-2-game-play-footage/ It doesn't look bad to me....mmmm nuke
GAH I just don't even know what to think. Oh well, the curse had to hit.
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