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No, but I'm sure that's what he wanted to do so a company making an investment in him was a good thing. I'm unsure of what I want to do professionally and I'm sure I"ll change 20 more times before I graduate in a couple years. A company can make an investment in me, but I'm just searching for now.
It depends on the size of the TV that you're going to be buying. If it's 40"+ go for the 1080p. Anything below that an you can't really notice much of a difference unless you're sitting within I think it's 5-7 feet. Expect new models to be coming out late summer/early fall so prices on old models should go down. I suggest going to avsforum and reading around there for a little. I'm in the same boat as you and it's impossible to decide.
I'd be the youngin of the group....heading down to Austin in 3 weeks for 6 months of fun
There's more impact on all the joints when you strike heel first. Tis no good, but then again I was always a calf runner through my years. I've seen it done either way, but definitely be on your toes if you're trying to run fast. Running barefoot is actually really good strengthening your feet, which doesn't happen due to the restriction in movement a la sneakers. There's shoes out there, like nike frees and some others when i was looking into it, that mimic barefoot...
I actually took a pilates class this past quarter in college. It was pretty good workout though it was only once a week and needs to be done more often. Plus it's one of the only classes where the ratio will be 20female: you
To get in shape find a program and stay with it. You can find numerous ones by searching around the net at sites like www.bodybuilding.com or www.menshealth.com . I'm following one from menshealth that seems to be working decent enough for me, but I've always been skinny enough from running 4 years of cross/track.
XP, I'm at least waiting till SP1 or 2 before attempting vista. Or you could just throw a copy of Ubuntu or your favorite flavor of linux on there. Simple enough to use
Blizzard put up official gameplay footage on www.starcraft2.com It's about 20minutes long and goes through some of the new units. Time to start figuring out what I'm going to put in the computer I'm gonna have to build...
I'd have to say Miss B. There's something to be admired about someone who can turn it on and off at the right times. Miss A types tend to be more stuck up because they just know that they're hot and can be a bitch cause of it. Quote: +1 that is like comparing somebody who is always a 10 with somebody who is sometimes a 5 and sometimes a 6. +2
http://www.menshealth.com/cda/articl...10cfe793cd____ Following that because it's structured and easy to follow. Seems to be working well enough with additional cardio thrown in there.
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