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What IP are you referring to?
Quote: Personally, I eat pretty lean cuts of beef or a cheeseburger with 95% lean ground beef and fat free cheese for one meal on a daily basis even while I'm cutting. Can also do ground turkey and it tastes pretty good if you season it properly.
Quote: You see them for sale eveywhere (drugstore, target, Body Shop) and yet evey time I buy one it falls apart in a week. I bought mine from wegmans and it seems to be holding up just fine after 6 months of use. Maybe don't scrub so hard?
I had a LeBaron convertible for a little while...small and cheap......though it'll probably burn to the ground on you like mine did
I remember all my carriers dying to massed goliaths People who actually micromanaged......arg!
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan hardcore computer gaming + sexual relationship = contradiction in terms Not if she plays too!
I wake up sore the next day after not lifting for a week.
^- Should be illegal!
Quote: I'm just very poorly dressed, especially compared to some of you +1 But I'm more than willing to rock the jeans and t-shirt
It looks like it would be a good action movie to see so long as they don't edit out everything. A lot of what was in the trailer looked good, aside from Stallone looking 50.
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