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Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Swim a lot? +2 Or do full body functional workouts
I say go with Krav. It's touted as one of the best at bringing someone from zero experience to being able to defend themselves. You'll be able to find more information on the forums for the national site, www.kravmaga.com (W/FS). Typical class for me is: 10-15min warmup Basic combatives and drills Defense technique Emphasis is placed on real life situations and being prepared. At the end of class we usually do drills with our eyes closed and at speed to...
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Though why you *dislike* your V-shaped torso is a mystery to me.... I know I dislike it sometimes because it's harder to find shirts that fit correctly
Kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum from the other thread, but I find myself eating all day, but due to being too active I'm still losing weight. Need advice on foods that are high in calories and nutritional content. Sure there's the option to eat MORE, but that's not very comfortable and physical activity on a full stomach doesn't work well for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie You could easily get 2 pairs for less than 100$. I just got a pair of STFs for 25$ at the Levis outlet. Also happens to be my first pair of raw jeans :P
Sort of moving for college. I'm doing a 6mo. internship with a company down there so I'll be around some other college students in the apartments I'm living at on Oltorf. Yea, the neighborhood isn't the best but it's cheap and right down the street from where I'm working. I was a couple miles north of the Arboretum in the fall and the commute sucked. Is it worth it to head out to Lake Travis or are there better places to catch sun and the females?
I believe there's exercises that target the muscles behind what are traditionally considered abs. My pilates teacher had an exercise, http://pilates.about.com/od/pilatesm...AbSeries_4.htm, which supposedly targeted these because it dropped out the part that bulges out causing leaning out of the belly area.. If anyone knows what I'm referring to please chime in. I thinned out a bit by doing hanging leg raises and weighted crunches on one of those machines. That could...
Moving down to Austin in a couple weeks and need a few suggestions for things to do and new places to eat. I was down there for a few months in the fall, but didn't get around much. Unfortunately I'm not 21 till Oct. so a lot of 6th is off limits. Search only showed posts containing locations to move so figured a new thread couldn't hurt.
Dave Matthews Tool Bush 30 Seconds to Mars lostprophets
Quote: And dusty, recommending linux to a computer newbie that likely uses ms office apps for work is retarded. Ubuntu is one of the closest distributions to Windows that you can get. And if he's just using Word/Excel/PP it can be had in the way of Open Office which is free instead of $$ for Microsoft's version. Not to mention not worrying about viruses/spyware...Linux really has its perks if you're willing to sit down with it for more than 5 seconds.
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