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Quote: And dusty, recommending linux to a computer newbie that likely uses ms office apps for work is retarded. Ubuntu is one of the closest distributions to Windows that you can get. And if he's just using Word/Excel/PP it can be had in the way of Open Office which is free instead of $$ for Microsoft's version. Not to mention not worrying about viruses/spyware...Linux really has its perks if you're willing to sit down with it for more than 5 seconds.
What IP are you referring to?
Quote: Personally, I eat pretty lean cuts of beef or a cheeseburger with 95% lean ground beef and fat free cheese for one meal on a daily basis even while I'm cutting. Can also do ground turkey and it tastes pretty good if you season it properly.
Quote: You see them for sale eveywhere (drugstore, target, Body Shop) and yet evey time I buy one it falls apart in a week. I bought mine from wegmans and it seems to be holding up just fine after 6 months of use. Maybe don't scrub so hard?
I had a LeBaron convertible for a little while...small and cheap......though it'll probably burn to the ground on you like mine did
I remember all my carriers dying to massed goliaths People who actually micromanaged......arg!
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan hardcore computer gaming + sexual relationship = contradiction in terms Not if she plays too!
I wake up sore the next day after not lifting for a week.
^- Should be illegal!
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