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Trunks for me. I've had many issues with boxers and boxer-briefs riding up. Could be the boxers briefs that I've worn though so it really is on a person to person basis. SO = she loves them on me, but I have a good enough body to rock them like an underwear model Quote: If I were to get some trunks as opposed to boxer briefs, then would I just look ridiculous/gay to whatever dorm people see me in them? Again, I'm serious, and I'm wondering about the...
Maybe initially the mask was making it harder to breath putting him in anaerobic land therefore stressing his system in a different way which made him adapt and develop. After he stopped getting dizzy, when he was used to it, his breathing the 'same' as before he wore the mask. Just speculation though :-P
The Jockey life trunks in microfiber work well for me. The cotton spandex ones in the same size manage to ride up...
I saw this news early this morning and was saddened by it. It's unfortunate for the world of fantasy to lose such a talented author. Hopefully whoever finishes up book 12 for him will keep his ideas and write it as he wished it to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Taxler Diet and exercise are the root of your problem- not age! +1 Anything beyond this is just details and it's up to you how to control your diet and what exercise, or lack thereof, you do.
As for the age thing in Krav. In my class last night of 16 people (it was big for some reason) I'd say the age range was from 20 - 65ish. There were a lot of young people, some in their late 20s/early 30s and an old guy who was doing everything right with us. There's usually a few older people in the classes so you shouldn't feel too far out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I've been targeting my abs for about 2 months now on a crunch machine, with 15 lbs of weight, 3 x 50 reps, at least 3 times a week and I'm slim (130 lbs) and a slight definition is just starting to show. Increase the weight, lower the reps and go faster Also add other exercises as the body gets used to the same thing over and over. Hanging leg raises, the plank, etc are good
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian Yes, of course one needs to get rid of the fat. No one who's fat has a 6-pack. But beyond that, a person needs something that will give them actual definition. I think of all things people are saying here, the point that makes most sense is you'll have to be dedicated, and face the possibility that it could take you longer than a year of hard, dedicated work to even get the potential of having a decent 6-pack. ...
High intensity workouts will produce a greater metabolic reaction than doing long low intensity not to mention improve overall fitness greater. Heavy weights promote strength as opposed to the cardio workout which is high rep low weight. It's hard to gain weight and bulk, it takes effort. Doing what I've said will help much more in the development of lean muscle mass than the others will. I used to do low weight high cardio and it's nothing compared to the high...
You mean heavy weights and high intensity?
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