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Quote: Originally Posted by Lachy It's harder than you think to inject life and character into your shots, especially if you're using a timer or something. But I do admit, pictures are all the better for it, as shown there. saucemaster.......just saying.
Gonna be heading in this weekend with a buddy. I think he said he would break his SF posting virginity right before I took him to your shop. He's been registered for ~3 years and hasn't posted
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I will have the "dandy pant" ready to show you on Monday , tuesday at the latest. Woot! Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 When is the end of summer farinelli's party going to happen? I'm not making up talk of one, am I? And this.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow The term "SF uniform" has lost some of its original meaning. Originally, it meant an AA shirt, APC jeans, and Chucks-- basically, well-fitted basics at an entry-level price. I don't see this being recommended too much these days, and has been noted, many SFers are moving away from jeans of any sort. More recently, people are using the term to refer to anything from a roster of SF-approved mid-level designers, many of...
So before I go ahead and try it, anyone have a good way to get nail polish out of a white dress shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I have an amazing APC soybean and cashmere blend in now that fits and feels fantastic. A couple SF'ers have bought it and love it too. maybe they will chime in. The sweater is priced very well. Put it on for shits and giggles, it felt amazing and then I looked in the mirror. My wallet wept.
Bullshit! You told me to save my money for WvG I love that APC sweater.
That's not what you told me.
I have a North Face softshell I use for outdoors stuff
Missed this thread, but I might be up for something tomorrow.
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