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Unfortunately I won't be able to make this night since my boss is a dick and won't let me out early. I'll be around Saturday night in theory though. Not that I matter
Depends on the footwear you're using...but I wouldn't wear anything that makes me land on my heel. If you want all that shock....go for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho Patience guys! We don't want post pictures yet because it's the first sample and it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the finished product! Also, we're waiting for "The Wolf" to see them first. They were nice, you workwear people will like them
What size is the dandy pant sample going to be?
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles That makes no sense, surely you meant you are a 10 or 10.5 in Chucks. Nope. Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Fuck Frees. I basically stopped wearing mine after I got my Five Fingers. This
The APC stuff is pretty great. Wore the blue stripe today to work and plan on making the sweater part of my rotation once it gets a bit cooler here.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK And perhaps I'm flying solo on this one, but I'd be interested to see a WAYWT entry from either Jet or Razele, since they're the most vocal backers in SW&D about having a wardrobe free of any peasant pieces. He was getting flack from Fok about this two years ago and still nothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou I cannot imagine any circumstances under which an Athiest would be a good man, but hey...that's just me. And I can't imagine any circumstances under which a religious person could use logic. Obviously both sentences are flawed. Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne I am always amazed at the double standard on our boards. If somebody had said a line half as offensive against...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Can anyone help me out on Nike Free sizing? Looking to pick up a pair this weekend (buying online to save). I wear Converse 10.5 and Allen Edmonds 9.5D. Thanks duders. I'm a 9 in chucks, 9.5 in purcells and a 9.5 in Park Aves. I think I wore a 9.5 in Frees.
Trying to plan out travel right late are you guys planning on staying at Epaulet on Friday?
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