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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Moi? lefty Ya
^I think I saw you whilst I was walking through bergdorf. You might have been trying on a jacket and talking with a sales associate at the time.
I can't believe that I've missed out on this thread thus far. Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan I've yet to find excellent wings outside of Western New York. They are a source of great pride here, so most restaurants and bars take the time to do them well. I haven't found any good ones either. Growing up in the area spoiled me. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'm surprised no one's mentioned Duff's yet. I'd put...
You missed j and fok and I'm sure a few others who I didn't talk to. Was a good time and the whiskey was delicious. Should have come out, I wanted to feel miniscule in your presence.
^+1 I'm too headstrong to be whipped, but then again I'm still young :-D
Hangars would be nice, along with a mirror of some sort in the main area.
They pretty much already tell us about these on the forum....
Wouldn't make it very far at all. Just out of school and poor.
Start thinking about details for a launch party mauro! And the holiday party too :-P Nathan was saying some good things about this years
^+1 I need a new pair of denim. And the whiskey will be good too.
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