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I have a profile on LI, if anyone cares feel free to PM.
^You can see the back of Fok's head in the first pic. Also in there is jaydc7, he's the head between fok and the lady. I don't recognize anyone else in the pics though :-/
How about passing out and sleeping inside the store? The 28th would definitely be too early, esp. with Thanksgiving the day before. Def. set the date around when one of the designers could be there. Do the whole showing their stuff thing early....then getting trashed later.
I got pretty excited about that tweet.....mean I'll be making a trip down Friday :-D
^truth. All you uberskinny people need to let us guys get something
Recent convert to manual....loving it.
Quote: Originally Posted by superego You can't get Buffalo wings outside of Buffalo. WTF is a buffalo wing.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Should have flashed the secret SF signal. I'm not one of the cool kids yet so they haven't taught me
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy You were up there? I try to avoid going above 14th if I can help it Bergdorf is great if you need a suit though. Yeah...It was my first time exploring the city so I figured I should see what the fuss about Madison/Park ave. was. Needless to say my small timer job cannot afford me such luxuries as found up there.
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