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Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Do they really? Talk about counterproductive! Food shouldn't be used as a reward. Breyers is my reward
If you're worried about rocks and roots, you have eyes for a reason.
So wish I would have made plans to head down for ACL. Buddy of mine kept texting/sending pics. Austin is such a great city.
So I'm looking at Weds to come down to the store and try stuff on by the sounds of it?
It's only bland because you guys like and follow the work wear craze that has been going on around here :-P
APC fashion is the type of stuff I wear
Quote: Originally Posted by BeeZee I was able to get Win7 Pro in 32bit & 64bit free through the MSDNAA program at my university. This, I'm running 64bit on my desktop and 32 on my lappy. Going fine without a hitch
Who wants to see me tuck and do the pee-pee dance?
Hahaha Redskins....haha And my Bills haven't shot themselves in the foot too much yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Zero carbs and lots of coffee and exercise. You can probably shed a good 5lbs. of water. +1 I've started AD up again recently and I drop a couple lbs. 48 hours after the weekend carb loads.
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