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If anyone watched Leno's show last night, he gave his take of events and it was eerily similar to what was written in the article as him saying in the future..... Don't normally watch it, but left the TV on after Heroes
I believe I have a beta key left so PM. Extra demoinoid keys are always welcome
Quote: Originally Posted by virus646 You dislike Deadwood (which is btw, the best anti-carry and mid solo I can think of)? Just play BD and your problem is solved. He's certainly very easy for him to pub stomp but you won't solo a team like carries does. And the only reason to play Em is to have a fun non-serious game. Anyone thinks that this game makes you angry/rage way too easily? I rage when my pub team gets stomped by deadwood and...
PM your email addy~
username: nad I've been playing too much newerth of late, but it's good times. I'll agree with the deadwood statements, but I find in the games I play pushing isn't ever an issue. Some of my friends only play EM though which is a pain in the ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by sw20 not a lot of bucks or intellectual challenge working for a gvt contractor O really?
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Will the items on sale be marked down further? Just curios because I am highly interested in several BoO shirts and was hoping to get it at a lower price. Really?
Romo seems to be doing fairly well....
Ya it just took me an hour to get from Columbia to College Park and it doesnt look like the state is getting any smarter with plows and salting. Don't think I'm going to be making it down now....I'll have to try and stop by through the week.
I was in need of a new pair of denim.......hopefully these will cover my ass
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