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Dingman makes some good stuff. They focus on belts, braces, etc., but have also done shoes. They do a lot with alligator. I think they're based in Arkansas. I have belts and braces from them that I've thrifted. It's worth getting when you see it.
^That Epaulet pic is a photoshopped version of my Leather Soul contest boot, pic lifted from the LS website., I think.
Wait...what?!Great haul, and they are my size. I would love to have that Carroll & Co. Chester Barrie, but as stated earlier, there will be more, and more, and more. We all get frustrated by what we miss (hey, I'm in the same town as mainy!), but most of us have more clothes than we know what to do with as it is. Put in the thrifting time. Things will come your way.
I have all my alterations work done at Rick's in Overland Park. I highly recommend them.
Yes, I think that's it.Thank you!
Thanks! I bought them several years back on clearance from Plain Clothes in Birmingham. They had done a special run of them. I know other stores have also ordered the same or similar makeups at different times. Surely someone, probably a Southern shop somewhere, will have them this spring. I think there is a shop in Charleston that has carried them in the past (not Ben Silver).
I'm thinning things out a bit. Offered are various cufflink related items, vintage (mostly). Vintage cufflinks: $20/each pair delivered CONUS, Paypal Swank studs on card Perfect shape SOLD! Cut mother of pearl SOLD! Krementz smoked mother of pearl Regimental cufflinks Made in England Stud box Real Hide Made in England $25 delivered CONUS Joseph Abboud cufflinks I purchased these new from Shirtmaven/CEGO a few years ago. I've worn them a...
The big miss with the Leffot spectator longwings is that they used white calf instead of suede. I prefer non-gunboat specs.
^^I have a similar light box. You can also simply take it outside, which will give you all the light you need. The tissue will diffuse the light to prevent harsh shadows.
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