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The good stuff is better.
^C&J Handgrade equivalent of the EG Dover, hand sewn toe seam. Buy fast.
Black shirts really shouldn't exist. Sorry about the dress code.
This needs to be repeated.
The $20k hats are few and far between, which is why they're $20k. As noted above there is only a couple of guys who are capable of that kind of work. Those hats are locked down by Americans (usually in Hawaii or Chicago). The hat bodies are brought to the US where they are blocked and finished. As with anything else, you move into the realm of diminishing returns pretty quickly with Panamas. I have three, which are not of exceptionally fine weave, but were all blocked for...
What last are those NSTs on, Uncle?
Today I bought thrifted clothes from mainy out of the back of a hatchback in a thrift store parking lot.
That's a pretty wide "between."
Thrifted these today: Leather Soul version for comparison: Edit: Since I've had a couple of inquiries about these, they're my size (9.5B), and also on the CDI last, which is a foot balance system last (Alden model 302). They're in great condition.
Thrifted these today: Leather Soul version for comparison:
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