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Thanks. They do a great job, about $28 + shipping.Spoo and Imhoff should send in those Marinellas. I'm sure they'd look great converted into bowties.
Yes, "European white."
Happy Birthday week for me: Plisson shave brush Rancourt ranger mocs Cordial Churchman bow tie conversion (in a former life a too-wide Faconnable linen-cotton tie)
A homburg would be the classic option. You could get away with a black fedora in most circumstances. Of course, if you're choosing to wear a hat with black tie these days, it seems that a homburg would be the way to go. The most affordable quality option would be by Akubra. During summer months, you might choose a Panama with a black ribbon.
High end, made in England. Is the suit a 40/41R?
Crittenden Clothing was founded by Oxxford president Critt Rawlings following his retirement from Oxxford. Rawlings has worked at Oxxford, Ralph Lauren and Norman Hilton. He knows clothes. His approach for Crittenden was to take his knowledge of high-end tailoring and apply that to off-shore production. His focus has been on more relaxed, unstructured jackets suitable for casual and business casual wear. You can see the quality of Crittenden explained with this...
I like to think of them as gently pre-owned.
Great shirts, including staples. See each shirt for price. Zegna sport shirt Tagged size: Small Made in Italy Hidden button down collar P2P: 21" $25 delivered CONUS, Paypal (1) SOLD! Venanzi button down Tagged size: 38 | 15 (x 33.5" sleeve) Made in Italy $25 delivered CONUS (2) Venanzi Tagged size: M (P2P: 22") Made in Italy $25 delivered CONUS Lacoste sport shirt Tagged size: 40 $25 delivered CONUS (1) SOLD Isaia Napoli button...
Got a couple of guys after this one, so consider it spoken for.For sale or trade. I'm willing to sell cheap, or if you have a nice shirt(s) 16/16.5 x 34 we could work out a trade. Nice quality ties, etc, also considered. I need to move this out, though.Ralph Lauren Purple Label suitTagged: 43 LongMade in England (Chester Barrie)Two button, double-ventIssue: Has a hole (moth?) on the right front below the pocket. Needs to be rewoven, shouldn't cost too much. No other...
Wash in Woolite Dark, hang dry to avoid fading. Lots of good suggestions. Fight the Power, Dig!
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