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Three basics:
Could you post a picture of the edge roll?
Two great bow ties in excellent condition: Robert Talbott and Bow Tie Club. $22/ea or take both for $40 delivered CONUS, Paypal
Found a couple of large wheeled Hartmann tweed bags today (traditional, old school shape with four tiny wheels). Good shape, good price. Didn't pick them up, debating whether to get them.
I'm very sorry to hear that Nataku. I know your stress level has got to be through the roof, but when all is said and done you'll come out ahead. Hang in there!
Thanks--it was on clearance!
Here you go. It's a Mom & Pop operation. They're good folks.
Thanks. They do a great job, about $28 + shipping.Spoo and Imhoff should send in those Marinellas. I'm sure they'd look great converted into bowties.
Yes, "European white."
Happy Birthday week for me: Plisson shave brush Rancourt ranger mocs Cordial Churchman bow tie conversion (in a former life a too-wide Faconnable linen-cotton tie)
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