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That RLPL should have been mine. I was going through the suits, a guy walks up with a buddy and grabs a suit off the rack about three suits down from me. He says, "Here, this is a Purple Label. It's a $3000 suit." And hands it to his buddy. I hung out while he tried the jacket on hoping he would discard it, but no luck. Had I been 30 seconds (or less) quicker I would have had it. I wanted to tackle the guy.Mainy is thrifting vacuum. I nowhere near touched his quality and...
+1. I've purchased from DM. Clearly he has the stuff he's posting. For most of us those kinds of hauls consistently are hard to get our brains around, but he's in the location for it. This is a bragging thread, after all.
I'm looking for a J Press hanger right now, can trade wishbone Brooks Bros hangers for it.
^Looks great! That's a fantastic shirt. I wish I would find one (well, some) in my size.
Wait, that's not actually mainy?While mainy was busy finding new Aldens, I picked up an RLPL shirt (M with short arms, maybe 32?). I was very pleased to pick up a wide shouldered Nordstrom suit hanger for my Canali sportcoat with a "Tailored for Nordstrom" tag in it.
I don't think tucked-in is a "look." It's just wearing clothes.
They are 8B (size listed as 8 AA|B indicates AA heel, B width). A B width makes them wearable for more people. Those have ebay goldmine written all over them. Fantastic shoes!
I think you need to let the thread know what size suit you need for your job interview. You'll get one at a good price from someone.
^That large Shepherd's check on the far left has my attention.
I found one, too, but left it because I wasn't sure what to do with the baby.I picked up a Patagonia Better Sweater quarter zip in navy today. I've been looking for something similar, should work great.
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