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^Looks great! That's a fantastic shirt. I wish I would find one (well, some) in my size.
Wait, that's not actually mainy?While mainy was busy finding new Aldens, I picked up an RLPL shirt (M with short arms, maybe 32?). I was very pleased to pick up a wide shouldered Nordstrom suit hanger for my Canali sportcoat with a "Tailored for Nordstrom" tag in it.
I don't think tucked-in is a "look." It's just wearing clothes.
They are 8B (size listed as 8 AA|B indicates AA heel, B width). A B width makes them wearable for more people. Those have ebay goldmine written all over them. Fantastic shoes!
I think you need to let the thread know what size suit you need for your job interview. You'll get one at a good price from someone.
^That large Shepherd's check on the far left has my attention.
I found one, too, but left it because I wasn't sure what to do with the baby.I picked up a Patagonia Better Sweater quarter zip in navy today. I've been looking for something similar, should work great.
I picked up my Rx sunglasses today, Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck frames:
Some basic shirts.
I saw a lovely old Hart Schaffner Marx overcoat today, labelled "Vicunair". Vicuña blend? Didn't get it due to moth bites and higher price.
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