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SOLD! Steal this from me! Barba bengal stripe shirt Made in Italy Tagged size: 42 | 16.5 (sleeves hand measures to 33") Gorgeous thick MOP buttons I love this shirt, but have accepted that the sleeves are too short for me. NOW $35! $$45 55 $70 delivered CONUS
Here are a few recent arrivals, including a Drake's straight from the Spoo vault. Bonus shot of a couple of Nickys I picked up a few months back: ^I don't know why that last pic was rotated.
After a several year online and phone friendship with David (we share a mutual interest in Hyderabad, India), I finally ordered my first Sam Hober tie. It's a fantastic tie, and I can't wait to wear it.
The Perfect White Shirt Charvet French cuff white shirt Made in France Tagged size: 17.5 / 44 1/2 Hand measures to 17 x 35 Retails for $485 $100 delivered CONUS, Paypal
^If real, that's a steal on the Barbour. As a dedicated thrifter, I have also come to realize that the well placed splurge can be just as wise as regular thriftiness. The bright side is that I use my thrifting to pay for the splurges.
That's a tag I indentify with CB, but it might not be exclusive to them. Still, CB did RTW for just about everybody. Odds are they did for Burberrys at some point.
Has anyone heard of Caviglia Uomo? They have thick MOP buttons and side gussets.
Here are a few quick snapshots of the ties I picked up. Below the group shots are some detailed shots of a couple of the ties, particularly the Charvet grenadine. I was also very impressed by the Eddy Monnetti. I was unfamiliar with the label, but it may be the nicest tie I got. [[SPOILER]]
Regarding the quality of thrifting in KC, there is pretty good retail, although I'm not sure who sells Charvet, for example. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow of the ties. In the meantime I picked up this old signed print of Mont St Michel, framed in Detroit long ago. I'm trying to decipher the artist's name, something like "Bornourzay." Not valuable, I'm sure, but I liked it, only $4.99.
Those likely will be sticking close to home. I'll let you know if not. Btw, I received a package from you today. Thanks--it's just what I was after. Absolutely perfect.
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