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I don't think those shields match up. I still think N&L, which is still a very nice find.
^First thing that comes to mind is New & Lingwood.
Looking for a pair of good quality black oxfords, size 10.5D. AE Park Avenues would be ideal, but something similar is fine. My brother-in-law needs a pair of quality dress shoes. Let me know if you find or have anything.
^Thanks! 1".
I received my own box this week, a purchase that's been on my wishlist for awhile. The box: And I will even show you what is inside. It's so shiny I had a hard time getting a decent pic:
Canali just listed + big price drops--buy, buy, buy! Combine ties for a discount. A great selection of lightly used ties. All prices include shipping CONUS, Paypal. I do not hold ties, but will sell to the first "I'll take it" I get via PM. Just added! Canali 'As new' condition Made in Italy 3.5" $30 Oxxford Crest Made in USA 3.75" NOW $25! $35 Barneys Made in Italy 3.75" NOW $15! $25 Zegna Made in Italy 3.75" NOW $20! $25 (1)...
SOLD! Steal this from me! Barba bengal stripe shirt Made in Italy Tagged size: 42 | 16.5 (sleeves hand measures to 33") Gorgeous thick MOP buttons I love this shirt, but have accepted that the sleeves are too short for me. NOW $35! $$45 55 $70 delivered CONUS
Here are a few recent arrivals, including a Drake's straight from the Spoo vault. Bonus shot of a couple of Nickys I picked up a few months back: ^I don't know why that last pic was rotated.
After a several year online and phone friendship with David (we share a mutual interest in Hyderabad, India), I finally ordered my first Sam Hober tie. It's a fantastic tie, and I can't wait to wear it.
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