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The aliens with the freaky mouths in the hospital were very much old school Doctor Who. Has Rory's father been added to the cast so he can be killed off? Moffatt has indicated someone dies. As far as River goes, her arc has already been resolved when she was trapped in the library computer back during the 10th Doctor's run. As her timeline goes in reverse I don't see exactly what they can (or should) do with her other than not bring her back as often.
SOLD Ferragamo tie repeating pocket watch pattern Made in Italy Excellent condition $35 delivered CONUS, Paypal
Here are some pics of my Rancourt Ranger-mocs as they appeared fresh out of the box. I've been wearing them since March, and they're great, great shoes.
It's nice. Would need to see interior pics and tags. Size?
QFTThank you for your overly kind words. Even if the stores aren't as good, I won't have mainy to compete with!
Thanks for the kind words. Packing up the house now, leaving in about a week.Lessons from moving: I own too many clothes and too many books.
Crazy nice finds.I'll be leaving KC to mainy and you. I'm heading back South.
I don't think those shields match up. I still think N&L, which is still a very nice find.
^First thing that comes to mind is New & Lingwood.
Looking for a pair of good quality black oxfords, size 10.5D. AE Park Avenues would be ideal, but something similar is fine. My brother-in-law needs a pair of quality dress shoes. Let me know if you find or have anything.
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