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Sid Mashburn sport shirt Tagged size: XXL Measures to: 18.25 x 36.5" | P2P: 27" 'As new', still has collar stays. $35 delivered CONUS, Paypal Rarely seen in the wild, particularly in a larger size, this shirt has a linen like weave, but is all cotton. Intended as a sports shirt, but if the neck measurement works for you it could be worn casually with a tie.
Price Drops! Make me an offer. Great ties, great prices. Prices included shipping CONUS, Paypal please. RL Purple Label Silver Satin tie Made in Italy - 3 5/8" Perfect for evening wear during the holidays $25 $30 Altea woven stripes Made in Italy - 3.5" $20 $25 Holland & Sherry little fishes tie Made in USA - 3.75" $20 $25 J Crew Argyle & Sutherland repp stripe Made in Italy - 3 1/8" A great staple $20 $22
NWT - Corralinn Shetland v-neck cable knit sweater Hand Loomed - Made in Scotland Tagged size: 44 (P2P: 22") A gorgeous sweater, perfect for right NOW! $25 delivered CONUS, Paypal
Vintage L.L. Bean Norwegian Button Sweater Made in Norway Tagged size: M (P2P: 22") Heavy, old school genuine Norwegian sweater with crazy cool snowflake buttons. If I lived a bit farther north I'd keep this, and I'm tempted to anyway, but I'm awash in sweaters and I'm willing to let it go for... $40 delivered CONUS, Paypal
Price Drop! Gitman Brothers shirts Made in USA $25/ea delivered CONUS, Paypal (or $45 for both) NOW $20/ea or $35 for both 1) Blue forward point pinpoint oxford Tagged size: 15 x 33 2) Striped spread collar Tagged size: 14.5 x 33
PRL alligator loafers
Vintage Cole-Haan Imperial Grade tan on tan saddle oxfords Size: 7D (?--see below) $40 delivered CONUS, Paypal (shoe trees not included) Vintage shoes from back when Cole-Haan was a great American shoe maker. These are grand old shoes that are built like a tank. The interiors are remarkably clean. The soles are very solid with very little heel wear, years of wear ahead. The uppers are, shall we say, well patinated. The leather is very high quality. It responded...
Crazy good outerwear finds. Love that Chesterfield.
Breuer can be quite good, at least their made in France stuff. I have a few, but none of their more recent made in Italy. Faconnable was made by Breuer, don't know if they still are. I don't know if resale is particularly strong for them, but they're solid additions to your own closet.
Samuelsohn makes the Made in Canada stuff for Paul Stuart, and that is a Samuelsohn tag. I've never seen a Samuelsohn with that type gorge before, and considering the shape, size, and model name, that must be a women's jacket. It should be very well made, but virtually impossible to move.
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