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These are a pair of Unbranded, 21oz heavyweight denim for sale. They are size 32, with a 34" inseam according to the manufacturer (my measurement says 33 x 33.5"). (Professor Shark, my screen name from Something Awful) They were recently bought online on sale, so I cannot return them. They were worn for approximately 15 minutes, during which time I quickly came to realize they were too small for me (natural 33" waist, which is what the chart I read said they...
Well, I'm interested in buying a Belstaff bag... if anyone has one?
Fixed, thanks! Her reasoning was that it looks like something her Dad would have worn 20 years ago, said in a light-hearted tone of voice.
Hey guys, I just bought myself a Brown Herringbone sports coat*. I think it looks great, and I'd been looking for one for a while since they seemed to become somewhat fashionable (at least according to GQ, J Crew, Rugby, etc). The jacket fits great, however my girlfriend HATES it. Though not the same jacket as follows (which is from J Crew in a black/grey color combo), the fit is nearly identical. The second picture shows the same colors my jacket is...
Just thought I'd refresh this; the bag recently was taken off the US/UK websites, and I'm pretty sure is on clearance. I'd really appreciate anyone going by and checking availability if they get a chance!
Hey, I'm interested in a Timberland bag, but since I'm in *Eastern* Canada Timberland won't ship. Would really appreciate someone proxying for me!
I've been looking for a place that sells this bag online that will ship to Canada: Just hoping that someone can help; I like it and my current messenger/satchel/ "not a man bag" is just about dead
Any size
Looking for some J Crew selvedge Slim Straights, 32x32 or thereabouts. PM if you have something in mind!
Are you me? I joined this site in order to try and find some good pairs of their Vintage Slim Selvedges!
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