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i'll assume you know what you're doing. http://www.graylinelinen.com/
Is this it?http://www.acornfabrics.com/pinpoint-plain-white-60
I agree with the other comments that the cuff might be too small in this case. But, I wonder if the general issue of the placket opening is inevitable with a single button cuff. There isn't much preventing the two sides of the cuff from rotating around the pivot point of the single button. After moving around, I don't see why the "placket closed" position is more likely than a position shown by the OP. So ... switch to a double-button cuff if this actually bothers you?
I stopped by today and glanced at the Aldens ... they were marked 20% off. There was a good selection on display, but I didn't ask about sizes.
I'm a big fan of Hy-Mark Glace for shirt button attachment. Steinlauf and Stoller had some last time I was there.
You're obviously right. Find peace in that fact. Extrapolating this fellow's married future from his ill-advised selection of his wedding shirt color is a leap at best. He probably doesn't really care. His fiance obviously does. Of the things to argue about, this might not be one of them. If you do want to nudge him in the "right" direction, then perhaps you could emphasize the flexibility of a white shirt as compared to an ecru shirt ... he is getting an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Ercole uses a great buttonhole maker, $10/per, handmade. I only have one Ercole jacket and some pants, but the buttonholes are mediorce at best: thick thread, wonky keyshole shape, and they seem flat ... perhaps gimp-less. (Not that it bothers me.) Winston Tailor has someone that makes a great buttonhole ... as good as any I've seen in person. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, you'd be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH As somebody who is fairly new to non-fused can somebody give some tips on ironing the collar and collar band without getting creases everywhere? Strech the collar while you iron: one hand one the iron and one hand on the collar band, streching and ironing away from you. Also, iron less, press more (i.e. less sliding of the iron across the collar, more pressing, picking up, moving, and pressing a...
Already coverd in this thread
And I had half convinced myself this wasn't going to be creepy ... rookie mistake.
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