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Quote: Originally Posted by djwoblely I like those pants! how's the fit? also how much did they cost? did they have the material or did you bring it? also if they had the material what other colors did they have? Fit is great. Slim enough for my liking without them being a straight. A true slim-straight. They ended up being $75/pair with the fabric. He had a variety of other colors. I'm sort of thinking about a light pastel blue for summer.
As promised. A bit hard to get the color, but this is a long sleeved blue oxford cloth with button-down collars. I chose this pocket type, but when we met, he was wearing an oxford shirt with a curved pocket. He also had another shirt with him which he was about to deliver which had a squarer pocket and another with a U-shaped pocket with squared off edges. I assume he can do any shape: Vintage mother of pearl buttons. He had other pearl buttons which were...
My chinos: I got a black one that I'm currently wearing. IRL, blue's two shades and the green's a shade darker.
My first order with JR were black trousers. I was wearing them, so he couldn't take a picture. Here were my following orders though. Pictures are from him before he sent them out to me. I just uploaded them in Flickr. Green, khaki and blue: Here's a closer picture of the green and blue. The color is more accurate in the initial picture. The green is still a shade darker and the blue two shades than shown in the initial picture: I was very happy with the first...
I found JR through SF and I scheduled a meeting with him when I was in Manila for a business meeting back in October. I've now got 5 shirts and 4 trousers. I will post pictures later this evening or tomorrow morning.
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