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Does anyone know of any online shops that sell these online per yard/meter internationally? p.s. I realize that there are topics about these but they're real old.
Is it possible to convert a 3-button suit to a 3-roll-2 button suit?
any update with the hip measurement for the 34?
All good. Still hoping someone can help out.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota ^Size up 1 and take in the waist a bit? ^^^ Huzzah pants. Yes, but the leg will also be off. I just have wide hips, my legs are quite slim. I also don't believe in having to spend extra on $150+ items to have them fit me. At that cost, it's pretty much take it or leave it for me.
How are Epaulet's hips on their 34 Rivet Chinos? I have pretty wide hips and my issue with most slim trousers is that the hips are quite tight to the point that the pockets start opening up like a mouth. I'd like the pockets to stay flat. Can someone with a 34 measure straight across, starting at the bottom seam of the pocket, like here, where the red square is:
Seat meaning hips or seat meaning crotch? Sorry, I am very new to this.
My wool trouser's pockets from flaring. Is it the cut, fabric, a combination or something else I'm not thinking of?
Measurements for 5EPxSF?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 What are they you complete cock No need to get testy, broheim. It's three pairs of lightweight Japanese cotton-twill trousers made by a tailor in Manila, Philippines. Cost me $75 w/o shipping.
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