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can anyone recommend a fragrance for more casual occasions? my go to is floris 127 but with my change in occupation (bank manager to industrial designer) i need something more casual. jeans and chinos with tee or buttondown casual. i'm 26, btw.
these are pretty nice
mmm, a lot of people here seem to like this store. how does he compare to other shirtmakers favored by the mc crowd?
Any update on this place? Saw it while I was passing by
great link, thx mr foxx. here is a great pic of red trousers with blue shirt
can anyone pls id this watch:
Quote: Originally Posted by silvermagenta Can someone elaborate as to what makes Ambrosi trousers so great? I tried going to but the website is not working anymore. I tried LL and AAAC but the pictures and descriptions are very minimal. Anyone? The amount of users posting on the other Ambrosi topic has my interest piqued.
look at it as u spent 320/shoe.
that site only has 1 madras on the site thanks though
Any recommended online purveyors of madras fabric?
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