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Can someone explain the rules of how to make a suit's quarters look good? i am trying out a new tailor. is it supposed to open as much as the opening above the buttoned button?
ok, so i should just break them in? like an hour a day around the house? glad to know it isn't the measurements or anything.
craftsmanship is fine. goodyear welted and a clean job i need to know the reason so the next time i get something made i can remedy it. really good price for a custom shoewhich would it be, the length of the shoe or the opening at the mouth (too wide)?
im trying to find out the reason why. doubt the reason why it hurts is because it was made in vietnam.
why not?
Up help please
So I'm in Vietnam now and got some shoes done and the back of my foot is hurting because the leather is scraping. The shoe is a bit long for me (around .5"?) and I wasn't wearing any socks as I was in Vietnam and it's hot. What are the other possible reasons for the scraping? Could it be because the opening is too loose?
Aren't the top 2 shirts gingham?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Shit boys, we gots us a problem. I cracked open the box from Le Labo today to work on the splits tonight, and it seems that they charged me $700 when I placed the order over the phone. I just got off the phone with them and they're looking into it. Apparently, they raised the prices on all the 500ml splits to $700. Its ridiculous because I even asked the woman on the phone and she said it was $650 and it showed $650...
can anyone recommend a fragrance for more casual occasions? my go to is floris 127 but with my change in occupation (bank manager to industrial designer) i need something more casual. jeans and chinos with tee or buttondown casual. i'm 26, btw. i live in south carolina, btw, if that helps.
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