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what is a carasole waist?
is a neck measurement required for suit jackets? i am currently working with a tailor - trying to develop a good relationship - would like to tell him how to avoid it.
the thing about jr is that he has no 'cut'. it really depends on the customer.
prices are completely different. if you are going by price, cornell is the way to go. quality and fabric selection goes to manila haberdasher.
whenever i wear pants and sit down, the crotch pulls up and i get moose knuckle. how do i prevent this? get a pair of pants with a longer back rise? looser thighs/knees?
also although i do not NEED to wear it, i have burgundy shoes which i'd like to wear. i know though that it doesnt look great with black. i do have a pair of black captoes which i could wear, but id like to wear my burgundy shoes. should i just get a navy blue velvet jacket with midnight lapel (shawl or peak?) made instead? so I can use midnight trousers and the burgundy shoes?
My mom is from Jakarta and dad from us. It is not like the rake where they focus on tailored pieces but like gq or esquire where they focus more on fashion so I'd like to wear something tailored but a bit more fashion forward. Thanks for the input. Any suggestions on the trousers? How about the lapel? Is black okay with forest green? Does having black lapel mean I'd have to wear black trousers?
yes and no. i am american but have indonesian blood.
A friend who is an editor for a mens fashion magazine in jakarta invited me to go to a launch of a new mens magazine and id like the forums input on what i should wear. since it's a style event, i was thinking of doing something like a single breasted forest green velvet jacket. single button, center vent and a peak lapel. a bowtie, most likely. id have the lapel done in black satin. black trousers (should I do suspenders and/or cummerbund?) and a black wholecut...
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