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can't wear batik; i cant find it where i am and im only flying there the night before. wedding is the morning after i get there, so i dont want to risk it. also thought of doing guayaberas but i'm not sure of my size. if i do long sleeves without a coat, do i roll the sleeves up? what about neckwear?
church ceremony but garden wedding. i have a pair of seersucker trousers which I'll probably wear, what about the top? what color? i know i should probably do long sleeves but how would that look without a suit jacket? i have a pair of light brown nu buck long wings i plan on wearing. i dont have a seersucker jacket though, can i wear an odd jacket instead? i have a midnight blue jacket which buttons i plan on switching to either gold or silver.
any links to horweens official shell cordovan colors?
Anyone have any experience with them?
what do you guys think about a wardrobe with only blue shirts? different shades, different patterns with varying complementary colors (maybe blue with red stripe or blue with white dots etc) but the main color of the shirt is blue. would it be too weird? reason i ask is because the majority of the samples my tailor brings me is blue.
does g&g have tassel loafers in the 06 last?
r they gonna have a restock of their plain round neck tees? when? missed the boat on the last 1.
Here is the info he PM'd me: [[SPOILER]]
The bag I posted is from a custom bagmaker from SuFu. That backpack is around $120+shipping
Visvim "inspired"
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