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Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Pretty much defined several years of my childhood. Sad, huh? I'm also voting for this
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven all no. Have to agree. The 300 is ok, the Charger is stupid (4 doors? wtf) and the Camero doesn't exist. The Camaro, however, was a nice design... several years ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I love it. I would not mess with the person who drives that car in case he is a murderer. We have a silver one running around here but the owner decided to be an idiot and he put a bunch of crap on it, like covering the awesome headlights with one-piece tinted plastic panes. Utter douchebag. My 2008 Bullitt is probably the best Mustang design to date. No badges, no frippery, just a clean body with...
I love that picture. "I am an alien!"
The current ZR1 is the car I'm lusting after. Supercar horsepower and torque, and check-this-out carbon ceramic brakes, for $120k? Yes please. I'll take mine in blue. Seen a couple of Z06's running around here, and one Z51 in chick-magnet yellow. The Grand Sport looks like a great value in terms of dollar for performance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 I have a hard time understanding how a 16-year-old can afford a new car, what with payments, gas, registration, the ridiculous insurance rates for teenaged drivers, tickets, etc. I guess nursing an ailing beater through high school and college parking and impromptu 2am parking lot fuck-around sessions is sort of a rite of passage that many people think all young men should go through. I completely...
Did you idiots forget the part where he said: Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks My mom will give me the 'it's not your money it's my money' type of talk. Also it won't really be my car but more like a family car that they'll let me drive so it's still her car. I've tried to convince her many times because I told her I'm not comfortable with driving a brand new car but she insists that we don't buy a new car. We've had a couple of bad experiences...
They're still using that same pseudo-turn-based combat in Dragon Age. KOTOR let you queue up moves and abilities, something Dragon Age doesn't and I wish it did. My copy of Mass Effect 2 will get here in like a week, damn my overseas address. I could have ordered digitally off of Steam but I like having a physical box I can put on my bookshelf. I guess I'm just old school that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin Is anyone going to play MAG? looks fun in theory Penny Arcade ran a comic about it. I know it's satire but there's always an element of truth in their strips involving games. Persona 3 PSP comes out in July for us English-speaking barbarians. Now you can play as a girl! And date dudes instead of girls! (my dreams of playing as a lesbian are shattered)
The LFA is nice, too bad there will be only 50 of them and they cost three times as much as GT-Rs do. I can't bring myself to like ze German cars. It's probably because they're like ants here, anywhere and everywhere. Mostly driven by idiots who think their expensive cars give them the right of way in traffic. Mostly base-level with fake badges to look more expensive. I know it's not the car's fault, but I can't look at one and get all excited in the pants. Double for...
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