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Some people think the dude in my avatar is me, but it's not. I got this from a site called Sidetalkin, featuring the ill-fated Nokia Ngage phone/game thing. It played games, but not very well, and the games sucked. It was also a phone, but in order to use it as a phone you had to turn it onto its edge and talk into its side. Sidetalkin made fun of this by featuring submitted photos of people talking into the side of various household objects. I liked this one the best...
Sure he wasn't a car tester for some magazine? I'd be pretty smug too.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS tl;dw One word replies should be a bannable offense. I didn't pay much attention to the iPhone craze, partly because of me being here in Korea. Funny how the iPhone is receiving so much attention here now that the gubmint finally let it into this marketplace, much to Samsung's chagrin (they even sent an exec to plead/bribe officials into denying the iPhone's entry at the 11th hour.) But I like what I see on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Do you run a business, maybe like e-tailing or something? Or did you invent something cool? I'm genuinely curious how one ends up with 60-70K cash on hand @19. He's obviously given a lot of plasma. Or starred in a lot of pornos.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Yeah and apparently having the current or latest drivers causes more problems! I searched through some forums and a WoW forum told me to use an older Intel driver so I did that and so far so good.... of course there's probably a 95% chance it won't last long That's really weird. Did you uninstall all your old video drivers before installing the new ones? From what I read on the problem, it's because there...
Updated your drivers recently? That's what a quick search comes up with. PC gaming is such a pain in the ass sometimes.
I swear moms are the enemy of all that is righteous. Mine did the exact same thing with my old NES, Sega, and Playstation consoles. I think she gave them to one of my dipshit cousins who probably used them either as chew toys or something to pee on.
I tried the Heavy Rain demo. I think it's amazing. I'm tired of shooters, rpgs, and everything in between, and this game seems to fit my current gaming needs. They did a great job with the ambient sounds, too. I played it in 5.1 and everything sounded awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt 300hp twin turbo = low carbon footprint? Surprised he didn't want the diesel.
I learned on a cheapo nylon-string classical guitar. The strings are wider apart than on regular steel-string acoustics, and the nylon strings are thick so they won't cut into your fingertips.
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