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Quote: Originally Posted by dusty I just beat Mass Effect, lots of fun but WAAAY too short. 12 hours for an rpg? Almost laughable when compared to the likes of Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, etc. At least I can start ME2 as soon as it finishes downloading. Did you explore the galaxy or did you just do the main quest? Since you've mentioned TES, I will draw a comparison between Mass Effect and Oblivion: the main quest doesn't take that long, but...
That's the reason why I can't get into Porsches. I respect how they're built and all the engineering that goes into them but I just don't want one. I think it's because my brain associates the Porsche car shape with a bar of soap, or a shoe, or a Volkswagen Beetle. But I do like how the 911 Turbo can be painted in Grabber Blue. Such an awesome color.
That's a good laptop. They have LED backlighting now? That's pretty cool. The $899 one should run almost everything also, but I'd rather pay the extra $100 for the extra cpu speed and RAM. The only gripe I'd have is the slow hard drive but that's just being picky. Pick it up if you can, and see if you can't find it cheaper from another store. Best Buy prices aren't that great.
I have a tremendous hard-on for the ZR1. I want it in blue. Other cars are more sophisticated but 600+ hp, fancy magneto-rheological dampers and carbon ceramic brakes for a car just over $100k is a steal, even if the interior is a bit Cobalt. And American V8's sound glorious. Revving one here overseas is like flipping a gigantic bird to everyone around you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Invicta Easy fix: play through on Casual or Veteran, before heading to Tali's recruitment mission switch gameplay to Hardcore, blow Geth up, save girl, get Geth Rifle. Works on 360, not sure about PC version. It's highly overrated however, Vindicator FTW. I've played through with a Soldier and Vanguard, time for an Infiltrator next... Doesn't work on PC, from what I've read. I'm required to play at Hardcore...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Gave up replaying ME2 on Hardcore with my vanguard, since I can't pick up another bonus weapon there isn't much point. Started with a female adept to see what else the game has to offer, much more fun at this point. I tried to do it as my Soldier for the Geth Pulse Rifle, but it's too damn hard even at max level and with all the goodies I carried over from my first playthrough. I've started Evil Female...
Sucks to hear. When you asked about mid-range computer performance I thought you meant something more powerful than what you have now The good news is that decent gaming laptops should be pretty cheap to come by. Asus makes nice ones. I'm currently using a Gateway P7801-u FX laptop I bought last year.
I kind of understand how you feel about Bioware games. Not all of their games really got me interested (notably, the first Neverwinter Nights) and they can get really same-ish. I guess that's why I like Mass Effect better than most of their others: the dialogue isn't really what Shepard will say, it's what he (or she) is thinking and then the words come out. It's like you're directing, but not completely in control. Contrast this to the silent protagonist in most Bioware...
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Posting from Iphone. Can't type good... Then don't
All of South Korea is celebrating victoly over the Japanese murder rapists and the Evil Anton Ohno, White American Devil in speed skating. Now I'll start seeing these idiots on tv advertising the latest cell phones while growing fat and lazy on success, much like the soccer team. I predict no future speed skating medals for this country. Edit: I'm being facetious. I hate the Napoleon-complex super-nationalism of this place. It ruins an otherwise great country.
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