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Played several hours of FF13. First impressions: This is the Mass Effect 2 of Final Fantasy. It's linear, yes, but you never feel lost. You also don't spend time searching for hidden treasures and all that nonsense. The lip synching is well done but could be better in some areas, although I was being anal-retentive and looking for mistakes on purpose. The battle system is awesome; it feels much more like an action game than a turn-based RPG. Oh, and Lightning is hot.
ahahaha this will be glorious. I can't imagine the majority of the XBL community using this new privilege responsibly. Just picked up FF13. Will go home early to play, and will post impressions later.
MazdaSpeed 3's been getting good reviews. From what I hear, your grin will match the car's while driving it. If the new Ford Fiesta or Focus are anything like the ones they have in Europe, they might be worth looking into. Don't know when exactly they will be available in North America.
Yeah, isn't the Dreamliner supposed to have super flexible wings? All the artist renditions I've seen make the wing profile look like a U. The 777 does have some really flappy wings. Watching them go all flippy-floppy during turbulence over Japan is terrifying. For some reason I always experience turbulence around there.
Stuff like this makes me want to never ride an Airbus plane again. Don't know if Boeing designs are any more competent. I usually fly on 747's, although now I'm running into more 777's even for flights across the Pacific.
All I remember about Morrowind was running around killing guards in Vivec. YOU N'WAH
My only suggestion is that they somehow try and make this inflict more pain. Maybe with electric shocks.
He better work out that senioritis he posted about. You don't get to slack until after the internship and are making bank.
I'm more of an American V8 burble fan, but I have to agree that this car sounds fantastic. Someone I know has one in midnight blue and it's really beautiful.
C&H is better. Watterson ended it early and while the strip still had strength. Peanuts sucked, but then I wasn't alive to read the "old" strips, just the new ones with some Snoopy cousin who had a mustache wander through the desert. It was pretty dumb. My favorite C&H storyline is the duplicator one.
New Posts  All Forums: