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ahahaha this will be glorious. I can't imagine the majority of the XBL community using this new privilege responsibly. Just picked up FF13. Will go home early to play, and will post impressions later.
MazdaSpeed 3's been getting good reviews. From what I hear, your grin will match the car's while driving it. If the new Ford Fiesta or Focus are anything like the ones they have in Europe, they might be worth looking into. Don't know when exactly they will be available in North America.
All I remember about Morrowind was running around killing guards in Vivec. YOU N'WAH
My only suggestion is that they somehow try and make this inflict more pain. Maybe with electric shocks.
He better work out that senioritis he posted about. You don't get to slack until after the internship and are making bank.
I'm more of an American V8 burble fan, but I have to agree that this car sounds fantastic. Someone I know has one in midnight blue and it's really beautiful.
C&H is better. Watterson ended it early and while the strip still had strength. Peanuts sucked, but then I wasn't alive to read the "old" strips, just the new ones with some Snoopy cousin who had a mustache wander through the desert. It was pretty dumb. My favorite C&H storyline is the duplicator one.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty I just beat Mass Effect, lots of fun but WAAAY too short. 12 hours for an rpg? Almost laughable when compared to the likes of Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, etc. At least I can start ME2 as soon as it finishes downloading. Did you explore the galaxy or did you just do the main quest? Since you've mentioned TES, I will draw a comparison between Mass Effect and Oblivion: the main quest doesn't take that long, but...
That's the reason why I can't get into Porsches. I respect how they're built and all the engineering that goes into them but I just don't want one. I think it's because my brain associates the Porsche car shape with a bar of soap, or a shoe, or a Volkswagen Beetle. But I do like how the 911 Turbo can be painted in Grabber Blue. Such an awesome color.
That's a good laptop. They have LED backlighting now? That's pretty cool. The $899 one should run almost everything also, but I'd rather pay the extra $100 for the extra cpu speed and RAM. The only gripe I'd have is the slow hard drive but that's just being picky. Pick it up if you can, and see if you can't find it cheaper from another store. Best Buy prices aren't that great.
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