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Test results for the 2011 Mustang are in. The new GT matches the M3's performance numbers tit-for-tat, and that's even with the (mighty) live axle. Part of me wishes I can trade my 2008 Bullitt in. Part of me knows better than to, since they're going to do a redesign in 2014.
The English SNES release of FFIV had some weird translation choices, like the names of the four Elemental Fiends: Scarmiglione was Milon, Cagnazzo was Kainazzo, Barbariccia was Varvalis. Character abilities were cut, and item names were changed to match spell names. The DS version is cool because, thanks to the great voice acting, you finally learn how to pronounce "Damcyan."
I knew you loved FF4, judging from your avatar. I played the original NA version on the SNES, the improved version on the PS, and the awesome DS one which is by far my favorite. I love how Cecil sounds appropriately whiny. The secret 15 hours in is you eventually enter an area that isn't linear. As far as I know there aren't any major must-have ultimate weapons, but you're going to have to do a bit of grinding if you want to survive the last stages and the final...
20+ hours into FF13 and I can safely say that I have absolutely no idea what the story is about. I blame sloppy writing. It's really bad compared to, say, Bioware games. Speaking of Bioware, Dragon Age expansion is coming out next week! Mass Effect 2 DLC also!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I don't remember many people griping about FFXII. I thought that it got well deserved accolades from both the Japanese and US gaming community. Now, FFVIII on the other hand, I remember people bitching about. And IX people largely ignored (though before XII, it was my favorite of the recent games) A lot of FF fanpeople cried on the interblag about how the overworld exploration was so different and how...
OoT was simply awesome. Lots of fun and I loved how it was referenced in Wind Waker (which I also really liked, even the sailing.) FF13 sounds great on my 5.1 system. I had to convince my PS3 to play the audio with Dolby Digital, but now everything is running fine. I appreciate what Square tried to do with the game. JRPGs as a whole are stale. The only ones I know who like them are the ones who've bought them religiously in the past. I used to count myself among them...
Grim Fandango is probably my favorite PC game of all time. It really deserved more commercial success than it received. A close second would be Interstate 76.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I wish we could just do away with all that crap or at least save it all to the end of the game like before the last boss where the completionist people can waste 30 hours fighting an enemy for a 1/2000 drop chance item. FF13 does this. I hear it's 15 hours into the game. It really does remind me a lot of Mass Effect 2. Hell, there's even an in-game "Dialogue" section that's pretty much your Codex, with...
Played several hours of FF13. First impressions: This is the Mass Effect 2 of Final Fantasy. It's linear, yes, but you never feel lost. You also don't spend time searching for hidden treasures and all that nonsense. The lip synching is well done but could be better in some areas, although I was being anal-retentive and looking for mistakes on purpose. The battle system is awesome; it feels much more like an action game than a turn-based RPG. Oh, and Lightning is hot.
ahahaha this will be glorious. I can't imagine the majority of the XBL community using this new privilege responsibly. Just picked up FF13. Will go home early to play, and will post impressions later.
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