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Yeah, the game starts off with some girl jumping off a ledge to kill herself and some dude sees her (while walking about a billion miles below her, his eyes must be pretty damn good) and decides to be totally badass and save her by shooting some rope, which he swings those billion miles through the air and catches her, thus saving her, but then the rope breaks and they both fall towards the ground. I think the intended reaction was "that's so cool!" but mine was sort of...
I hope so. I'll get it just for the single player, since I hate everyone on the internet. Hopefully the campaign will be interesting. Brood War was not. Played a bit of Resonance of Fate. It's pretty Japanese but I like how they set up the gunfighting. For those of you with 5.1 sound, the game lets you change speaker positions to match yours!
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr Retarded stuff Ok now you're just being a jerk. I know your penchant for cars with teak gloveboxes and swanskin seatbelts, so let me save you time and bring this right out so you can understand: 1. Comparing two RWD coupe performance numbers isn't insane. They won't be cross-shopped but you can't help but admire performance for what it is. At least, I can't. 2. Cross-shopping a Phantom to a Genesis...
I'm kind of wary of SC2. Games shouldn't take this long to make. Also prepare for the onslaught of kekekekeke zerg rush 2.0
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr I don't know of anyone who cross-shops an M3 sports sedan with a Mustang GT muscle car. Neither do I. Where did you read this? It's funny how people equate "car x performs as well as car y" with "car x will be cross-shopped with car y." I simply equate it to "car x will be able to keep up with smarmy douchebag in car y."
I don't know why Ford hasn't decided to ditch the 5.4 in the Shelby. Sure they gave it an aluminum block but imagine if they supercharged or turbocharged the new 5.0 and stuck that in there instead. Still, losing 100+ pounds off the car's nose isn't a bad thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi maybe i should have thought my post through. Don't feel like I belong. All cars that are driven by us are able to be posted here. I remember the so-called cloud cars. Chrysler used to be a decent make. My father still drives his '97 Dodge Grand Caravan. It's given us a solid 13 years of ski trips and family hauling. Then I sat in a new one. It just seemed worse somehow.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y I believe the 2011 GT still has the solid axle rear suspension. I wonder how the car will be like as a whole package. Usually cars that match or beat M3s on the track are too uncomfortable on the street, and cars that are as comfortable as the M3 on the street don't handle as well. The unique strength of BMW is not that they make the sportiest or most luxurious car out there, but that they've managed to put more of...
FFXIII is really divisive. So much that I completely understand how people will hate it. So much that I have stopped playing it so I could finish the Dragon Age expansion. I have Resonance of Fate coming in the mail. I expect lots of bullet-time, gun-kata action.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Track them and the M3 will kill the Mustang. If you equate performance with straight-line acceleration and top speed, sure, they match each other. But that's just one aspect of performance. Just watch Top Gear take the Shelby Mustang for a spin; the thing can barely stay on the pavement. Yeah, the 2007-9 Shelby was a pig. But we're not talking about it. We're talking about the new 2011 GT with the...
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