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Thanks for the info on Steady State, I'm going to have to make a reservation and take a look someday.
BBKs are great if you're doing laps around Virginia International Raceway for like an hour. My only suggestion is that, if you're getting them for looks, get a good set (from Brembo or AP Racing) since you usually get what you pay for. I used to hate Civics but these days I really feel like searching for an unmolested CRX to hoon around in. There's a nice VW Golf GDI here in my apartment parking lot. A pretty lady drives it. I should take pictures. (Of the car.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerome I hate cars. Thanks for sharing. Now gtfo
Nice Chrysler. Enjoy your time here on the forums! Picked up some Koni Sports for the Mustang. Apparently Koni Holland and Koni NA were in fisticuffs over the damper design and couldn't get any over to the states, but now they've finally shipped. Koni also makes the STR.T dampers which are like sports turned full-soft and are non-adjustable, but I waited for the Sports since I'll be tooling around on the track. Also the Sports apparently ride a lot better on the street...
There's always Namdaemun and Dongdaemun. Lots of stores around there. Haggling is always necessary. Things aren't as cheap as they used to be, anywhere you go.
Big brakes look cool and are wonderful for long track days but their pads cost $$$ compared to your standard brake pads. But they will look nice behind those wheels.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 What if he does live his life a quarter mile at a time? Then it would be pretty important. Especially if he lives in an eighth of a mile at a time. I've heard this is becoming more popular. I actually live my life in lateral g's.
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc '97? That's nothing compared to our '91! Just passed 300.000 km (180k-ish miles) with our Audi 100, and it still drives like it's a few years old. Sure, it makes a few weird sounds, but it's a great car. However, it's going to be replaced by a new Skoda, but hell, if we bothered to fix it up it could probably go another 2-3 years. Would take a lot of time, but you can't say that about most car makers. Seems like a lot...
I'll probably be a lalafell because of the panic dance. Yes it's in FF14!
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi Hyung-tae kim of War of Genesis fame is well known for his giant cowboobs. While on the other hand Yoshida (working on FFXIV) does not produce protruding lactating blouse mice. XI did not have huge breast neither even after Nomura left. Hahaha yeah, I remember some artwork he did for a tabletop RPG. It had a girl with some huge cameltoe drawn right in the middle of the page. Blade and Soul is basically a Hyung...
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