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Will there be a restock of the Scott & Charters cashmere crewneck sweaters?
Thanks for getting back to me. Sandy is wrecking things here also, I definitely don't expect a resolution until after things get back to normal!
I'm one of those preorder customers for the chestnut shell balmoral boot but it doesn't look like anyone likes responding to my email inquiries about changing delivery and billing addresses and the like. This is correspondence going back to AUGUST. I really don't want to be $500 in the hole.
Sartoria Min may be closing soon. Apparently that whole floor of the Grand Intercontinental Hotel will be undergoing renovations for the next couple of years. Needless to say I just placed a bunch of last minute orders. Mr. Min will let me take my pattern with me when I move.
I just lurk these days. Not much to add to discussions. Wore my Steady State shirt to work and ran it through the wash. The proprietor will be back on the 5th so I think I'll drop by the shop and place an order for a bunch more. I'll probably skip out on the hand stitching and the other bells and whistles since I'm mostly interested in stuff I'll wear to work. Plus, the fancy stuff costs more.
Picked up my shirt from Steady State. Fit is spot-on. Sleeves can be a little longer. Next time I'll ask for the additional button on the sleeve gauntlet. (I forget if that's the right terminology, I don't hang out on this board much anymore.) Time to order a bunch before I ship out.
Finally checked out Steady State and ordered my first test shirt. The proprietor was really nice and great to talk to. Seriously thinking about checking out Mono Gallery but I only have 40 days left in Korea. I'll probably get a few last suits from Min and say goodbye to this country. But maybe I'll be back someday.
The ones I always see around here tend to dress normally, like jeans and a polo. Nothing too outlandish. Maybe I just live in the not-trendy neighborhood. I have seen some shiny suits, though.
Yeah, Min does do that but I don't mind fused waistbands and clear inner buttons since nobody would know (I gave up on caring), and I definitely don't pay 3M per suit. My pants have side tabs too, so I guess I dodged that bullet. I'd try those other tailors but my pattern is perfect and I don't want to go through the learning experience again. I'll check out that outlet.
He's still around. I'm going to pick up a suit from him this weekend. I can't recall prices since I provide my own fabric (usually English fabrics that he doesn't carry). Maybe around 2M won for a two piece? Not sure how that compares to Segi, I stopped shopping for tailors a long time ago.
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