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Whether you buy in or not there are different qualities of leather. Also, you must consider the finishing process. This is especially true for shell as it goes through a pretty intense process to become usable. This finishing of the raw material is probably equally on par in importance to the construction quality of the item.
I live about 2 hours from that outlet and I've visited there many times. I really love Charleston, You should visit if you are ever in the area.
I just counted and I have 32 pair of shoes across AE, Alden, & Carmina. Of course this number does not include sneakers, sandles, ect… It's really too many but I have trouble when deciding to sell a pair. I like them all. I've sold shoes in the past and I almost always regret it (i.e. the Alden Ravello LWB). On top of that there are still several styles that I want. I'm not sure it will ever end.
Email the owner Phil (you can contact him through the company website) and let him know what you are looking for. He actually made up a customized version of one of their wallets. It should be here Tue so I'll be able to better comment on quality then. But, I purchased based upon the recommendations of many people on this forum. I looked at several brands and Ashland seemed like one of the best. I'd say that price is about right for a shell wallet. If I'm not...
They have a lot of colors besides black. I just bought a Whiskey colored one from them that is currently being sent. Irregular means that their is either a flaw in the leather or in the process of making the wallet.
Probably the most standard answer is going to a Black Park Avenue and a Walnut Strand. These are also two of AE's most popular shoes.I'm in suits about every day and I wear both of these equally. As a minister I do wear black a little more than most people though so you can take that into consideration.
The fit on the Southwick jackets are perfect for me. Will there be an option to get Rudy fit trousers with this new MTO process? If not, what size will the Walts go up to? Last question, since you are going to offer the Southwick fabrics does that mean that Southwick will make the pants or will they still be made at a different facility? Looking forward to this!
Not sure why you would want to mirror shine these shoes. It could possibly be done but these are pretty casual. As far as the process it's not easy to mirror shine any pair of shoes. I spent over 4 years in the Marine Corps perfecting the mirror shine process and it's still not easy.
Not shell today but still wearing AE Neumora in Brown Calf. I really like these shoes even though they creased across the toe.
More Shell Today Brown Shell Patriots
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