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I believe that the other two pair sold for around $1,400 and the other around $1,800.
Here are some LWB in #2 Shell. If I'm not mistaken Alden of Carmel had 20 pair of these made for their 20th anniversary. These would fit me but will not doubt go above what I will pay for a pair shoes. My question though is this, how did this seller get 3 pair of these shoes? He's already sold 2 other pair of identical shoes in different sizes.
I wear my shell leeds with suits all the time.
I tried for the Postman Blue the second it showed up and I didn't even get to the payment stage and it was gone.
I think everyone has tasted failure today at some point.
Don't worry about it. The sale is over. Nothing to see here. J/K on the Epaulet site under New Arrivals and then Ends for Friends. Mike puts up left over fabric from the factory. Usually only enough to make 1-2 pair of pants.
Looks like a rich dark blue to me.
That Blue Flannel… If I needed blue pants and could justify the heavy weight I would jump on these. I love that shade.
The site must be on overload status! Can't get it to load at all.
Never even saw the burgundy hopsack as an option
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